Healthcare Administrative Partners Vs. Precyse As Employment Options

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As I begin to embark on a career as a new medical and billing coder, and with no experience, my search for employment will be daunting at best. With my ultimate goal in mind, working from home, I begin to research medical billing and coding outsource companies. There were numerous companies to choose from, all claiming to be the best in the industry, but there were two that really peaked my interest.
Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) was the first company. Founded in 1995 by a team of medical billing professional with more than 20 years experience. HAPs headquarters is in Media, PA and two additional locations in Berwick, PA and Portsmouth, NH. They offer a wide variety of ...view middle of the document...

There were no medical billing and coding jobs available at this time. But I think I can safely assume that the years required would be, between three and 5 years.
As a new medical billing and coder, I would benifit working in an office, having a professional with more experience on hand. Gaining the knowledge and experience needed for my end goal. Working for HAP would certaintly be ideal, but with no offices close to me (and no experience as of yet), HAP would not work out for me.
Precyse was the second company that caught my eye. Their head quarters in King of Prussia, PA and regional offices iin Colorado and Georgia. They offer work from home or travel oppertunities. "The company was founded in 1999 as Capital MT. An outsourceing company for medical transcription, medical coding and other document services to US based hospitals and other healthcare providers. The firm has since then grown, through aquisitions and is now Precyse." (Advance Healthcare Network)
Precyse offers a vast array products, resources and services to hospitals and private practices. With a professional staff of more than 1200 providing services such as transcription services and Precyse CDT (tm), coding, coding audit and compliance, Precyse Code(tm), Computer assited coding, Precyse University, HIM stratigic sourcing, HIM interim management and consulting services, oncology data management, and cancer registry. Their goal, once again, to reduce the...

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