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Healthcare And It Essay

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Technology has affected almost every facet of our lives. Thanks to the internet, which has reformed our lives in a great way, shaping our personal lives as much as our working world and leisure time. It enables us to perform tasks cheaply and effectively that required great amount of time and were quite expensive to perform in the past. The world of healthcare is no exception, where IT is facilitating to shape the mode in which the diseases are diagnosed, and care to the patients is delivered. The e-Health facilities we are having in access today, started their revolutionary journey almost 40 years ago with the vision to provide best medical care and treatment to the patients by providing advanced treatment procedures and options to the health care practitioners .

According to Ciampa and Revels, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is the use of hardware and software in an effort to manage and manipulate health data and information . Though Healthcare Information Technology is similar to that being used in other industries yet many of its features still stand out due to elements of uniqueness. For instance healthcare providers are required to strictly follow governmental and accreditation rules - an element missing in other industry types .

IT has a great potential to improve the safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare and the biggest proof of this success is the fact what Spekowius and Wendler have mentioned that "Many countries
in the world are currently engaged in a national approach for HIT and the EHR ".

Despite promising quality and efficiency gains in healthcare, IT here is facing barriers of high cost and complexity of implementation. However, the IT development will have profound impact on how well these challenges are managed.

IT is beyond doubt the enabler for a valiant new world of healthcare. It has contributed a lot through major advancements that have changed the means of documenting and delivering patient care, eventually shifting the way medicine is practiced. It has allowed transition of manual patient records to electronic medical records that work on automation for documenting and capturing the information of patient, facilitating to improve safety through reducing the risk of mix-up or loss of data .

Image informatics solutions is another improvement made by IT in the healthcare sector, that has transformed the conventional methods through which complex datasets were managed and helped to improve the quality and efficiency of patient diagnosis. Many healthcare units of the world are now using dedicated IT applications in different departments including the cardiac care unit, neonatal intensive care unit and...

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