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Despite the fact that our time with the CBCI has been short, I have come to appreciate the diligence and hard work that goes into these policies and reports. Amongst the various groups that will have a part in the 2014 annual report, it seems to me that the Healthcare group has been diligently working on coming together with a powerful and impressive report for this year. As of today, the Healthcare section focuses on four main areas of health; Mental Illness, Malnutrition, Hepatitis C, and End Stage Disease. For each of these areas, it is clear that the Healthcare group has done thorough research and suggest very vital recommendations to some of the problems they have identified.
For the Mental illness section, the Healthcare group asserts that, there is a staggering number of 61.5 million adult citizens in the United States that have serious mental illnesses (SMI). The report explains that, despite popular belief that SMI only affects the individual involved, SMI affects the average American citizen tremendously. The report reads that “…the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that SMI costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings every year...” This group’s main message is that, “…the personal, societal and economic effects of SMI practically mandate that better care for this illness be developed….” They go further into the problems with SMI by noting that there are many barriers that arise not with individuals initially receiving their medications but rather getting refills. The report suggests that “…Medicaid programs should consider the unintended consequences of medication utilization management practices for beneficiaries with SMI…” Along with giving their own suggestions they do point out some various methods that are actually helping. The report suggests that the method that the method used by the Center for Medicare and Services (CMS) recognizes The issue and have put in various payment reforms that the Healthcare group claims, in the report, to "...recognize this approach and believe the lessons learned from such an intervention improve both access to care and the quality of care… (Healthcare 2014)"
The second area that the Healthcare group focusses on is Malnutrition. In this section, the very initial statement here is in favor of the Affordable Care Act. The writing states that the Affordable Care Act has...

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