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Healthcare Industry In Nepal Vs. Usa

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Healthcare industry or medical industry is a sector within the economic system, which treats people with rehabilitative, preventive, and curative care.
The United States leads the world in healthcare industry. The world leader in healthcare services and innovator in cutting edge, diagnostics and treatments. US hospitals to create a platform for biomedical innovation and different academic and medical centers provide sophisticated advanced care. Highly skilled workforce that includes physicians, nurses and technician who leads the world in production of medical technologies and is one of the world’s largest consumers support the US healthcare industry. The US healthcare industry is further subdivided into different subsections like academic medical centers, nursing and residential care facilities, In-patient care, and Ambulatory care. The medical device companies of the United States are highly regarded globally for their innovation and expertise for high technology product. They are more focused into research and development, which in result have been able to hold a competitive advantage in several industries that medical technology relies. The US health care system accounts for more than 2.5 trillion in annual expenditure. Despite such a large investment in healthcare industry the burden created by escalating cost is not sustainable. The health care landscape is shifting to address issues that require a tighter budget in an increasing uncertain healthcare environment. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are evolving to establish clinically integrated models with a more coordinated view of the patient across the system.
Healthcare organization can hear the thundering footsteps of millions of insured people on the horizon. Yet they have felt the full force and the impact of federal spending cuts states, employers, and consumers to focus on consumer retail industry. It has made healthcare industry a lot of work to do before then.
Healthcare industry in Nepal
Nepal is one of the poorest countries wedged between India and China. It is divided into three basic geographical areas. The flat terai plain, central hills and the mountains of north. The country’s topographical and sociological diversification helps to promote infectious diseases and promotes natural disasters like flood, landslides and earthquakes. Millions of people are at risk, whereas thousands of people still die every year. Healthcare of Nepal is financed every year by different INGO (International Non-Profit Organization) like USAID, UNICEF, WHO, UNDP, UNFPA etc. The foreign donor for the healthcare industry is more than 62% of total expenditure. There are various problems with distribution of Health related aid to Nepal. Low absorptive capacity leads to poorly allocate disbursed and reimbursed funds, inconsistence in financial rules of the government and donor agencies, lack of decision making ability are some of the problems, making health care issues more and more difficult to...

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