Healthcare Institutions And Organizational Dynamics Essay

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The purpose of this week’s discussion is to reflect on our own organizations and describe it organizational structure including location, size, degree of integration, type of care provided, health needs in communities served, availability of providers, and managed care penetration. Next I will identify an element of organizational development from which my organization would benefit. Finally I will describe what actions I would take to implement the organizational element and anticipated results.
The organizational structure of our healthcare organization would be described as a large organization involving four other healthcare institutions in the Tampa Bay area. Our health care facility is the largest of the four hospitals. Our organization is a 431-bed facility that is “home to five Centers of Excellence that focus on major disease areas including cancer treatment, women's health, pediatrics, diabetes management and orthopaedics” (University Community Health, 2011). The type of services we provide are community outreach programs, inpatient and outpatient services, clinics and centers, rehabilitation center, imaging services, and robotic services. “Our mission is to offer patients access to the most advanced technology and treatment options available” (University Community Health, 2011). I would describe our organizational structure as decentralized between the individual hospitals as well as within each healthcare facility. The responsibility of the decision making is delegated to the ones doing the work and they are accountable for the results (Danna, 2009). There are interdisciplinary committees between facilities as well as within each facility. Therefore improving communication, collaboration, and sharing of experiences to achieve a common goal. We need this type of collaborative creativity and imagination especially in the world of chaos. Many healthcare organizations face all kinds of unpredictable challenges. As stated by Karl E. Weick, most business management advises keeping it simple and streamline, however he challenges us to complicate ourselves; organizing imagination and creativity (Coutu, 2003).
An element I would like to develop within our organization is the idea of a shared governess. Approximately ten years ago we began the process of shared governess within our department of surgical services. It was our nurses who were the ones who presented this concept to administration. At that time the CNO was excited about the idea and fully supported the idea. She was instrumental in expanding this idea from one department throughout the organization. With the departure of the CNO, change in organizational structure (due to the economy), and the recent merger with another healthcare organization the idea of a shared governess slowly fell apart. I would like to bring back shared governess within our department of...

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