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Stokes1Jonathan StokesHealth 120Instructor Theresa JonesJune 13, 2012Caring for Middle Eastern PatientsEvery culture interprets nonverbal communication differently. We all may think that nonverbal communication is universal. However that is not so. Other cultures view body language, gestures, posture and carriage, vocal noises such as grunts and shrieks, and the degree of eye contact differently than we do in western civilization. For example, in the Middle East, nodding the head downward is a sign of agreement. As opposed, to nodding the head in an upwards fashion. This is a signal of disagreement. On the other hand in Japan, nodding the head up and down is just nearly a sign that a person is listening.Cultural differences can cause emotional distress between patients and the medical assistant or nurse. Cultural competence is a set of behaviors, attitudes and policies which come together as a system. Moreover, they allow professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.When speaking with people of Middle Eastern cultures, it is usually appropriate to speak with the family spokesman first and foremost. Additionally the person who has the most authority is usually the oldest and the most educated. Therefore, negative information should be presented to the spokesman with great care. Equally important, is that you should accept the fact that the husband may answer questions for the wife.When it comes to High Context Communicating, Middle Easterners' are highly contextual communicators (Marla 1). Simply stated, a Middle Easterner needs to know more about another person than an American does for a relationship to develop. With this in mind, immediate and extended family forms the most important social institution in Middle Eastern Culture. For Example, parents care for their children until marriage.Next, the children are then instructed and expected to remain in close contact with parents even after marriage. That is, in order to care for their elderly parents. In other words this closeness makes the family patriarchal. Additionally, adult children are expected to submit to the father's authority. As opposed, to western Culture, where as soon as a child turns eight-teen they are free to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, this close family structure often breaks down or collapses when, when members of the family migrate to the United States (Suzanne 53).To illustrate the point, most people from the Middle East need close ties of affiliation with family members. Equally important, is that the patients extensive relationships with family and friends provide a source of support and advice. For instance, when it comes to an illness or health crisis (Suzanne 52).When I first started writing this paper I thought I knew all about the Middle Eastern Culture. But I was completely taken aback about how little I actually knew. There are many subcultures and different dialects, along with languages too. I have changed my thinking tremendously....

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