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I chose to interview a nurse M.B. and S.S. These two healthcare individuals opened my eyes into the medical field. M.B. is a registered nurse. S.S. is a licensed medical social worker. Both are employed through Reverence Home Health.
M.B is a register nurse and works as a hospice clinical supervisor. M.B first became interested in nursing because she worked in a small medical clinic as a secretary. She worked with a wonderful physician whom died unexpectedly. They closed the clinic and she was out of work and I had an opportunity to go back to school and choose nursing because the physician had an amazing impact he had on her life. In 1995 M.B received her LPN license. Later on M.B. went back to school and got her RN at St. Clair Community College. She worked at St. John’s River district for a while before transferring to St. John’s homecare division becoming a hospice nurse. M.B. went even further and got her BSN while she continued working at St. John’s Homecare as a hospice nurse. M.B was promoted to Hospice Clinical Supervisor. One thing M.B. likes about her jobs is she has direct influence regarding policy and procedures; she likes this because it guides patient care. One thing that M.B. does not enjoy as much about her job is the impact of insurance companies’ dictation of patient care, because a plan of care should be physician and patient driven. Insurance companies play too large of a role shaping and ruling how a physician takes care of their patient. One thing that has changed a lot since M.B. has been a nurse is the fact hospital stays are much shorter with people coming home much sicker.
The next medical personnel I interviewed was S.S, she is a Licensed Medical Social Worker. S.S works for Reverence Home Health also. As a teenager S.S. felt her purpose was to be a service for others. S.S.’s dad was a psychiatrist. S.S. said she decided to be a medical Social work due to family impact. S.S. said that she...

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