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Healthcare Plans In The United States

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Health care plans are policies created to aid the patients in accessing medical services in form of insurance to cover the expenses incurred during treatment and hospital care. In analyzing the options given by two major health care plans elaboration will be based on two major insurance schemes namely indemnity insurance plan and Managed Care plan. All these vary yet with a common aim of providing medical services to the patients. In order for the analysis, consideration will be based on the costs and the coverage. These two plans differ in many important ways, more so in regard to how the services are offered, the way to obtain special care and the cost of care after recovery. Despite the ...view middle of the document...

This option covers for 80 percent of the medical expenses incurred remaining with 20 percent to be paid by the patient. This is considering the situation where one has to pay in full the hospital bill and expenses. However, this option has its limitations that make it difficult for the patients to access health care services in many ways. Since it does not fully cover the medication expenses, some patients may get it difficult to cover the remaining expenses. The indemnity insurance has the set limit in which the policy will cover you. If the hospital bills surpass the set level, expenses will go up and it will be your responsibility to pay the remaining expenses. This coverage will not be relevant since it will not have fulfilled your mission for taking a policy.
Managed care plan is another significant health care plan that gives options that may either make it easy or limit medical care services by the patients. This is the type that most people embrace. It covers a wide spectrum of health services in a cheaper and most convenient way. Costs are relatively lower when patients utilize the doctors and other stake holders. Mostly this cover does not require one to fill out any insurance forms or give out any claims to the company that has given you the cover when one uses the in-network providers. One pays a co pay each time he visits the doctor or any hospital. This co pay varies depending on who you visit and whether you receive brand name or generic prescription drug. Various managed care plans adopt a mail-order pharmacy alternative. In this alternative, one sends for the doctor’s...

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