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When talking about healthcare the first thing that comes to mind is the new “Obamacare” or its more formal name “Affordable Care Act”. In my opinion it is a good deal for the elderly but for the young youth of today than it is a terrible idea. It is talking about making everyone be able to have insurance no matter the disease they have or the age. The elderly are perfectly fine with this because for once they are accepted, but the young and healthy have to pay for something that they don’t really need.
Romney had his own health care plan labeled “Romneycare” which was used in Massachusetts. This plan now is covering 98% of people there. This is why Gruber says in his book that “Obamacare will catch on and become equally popular and effective once it is implemented because it is based on Romneycare” (Gruber). It will take some time but it will catch on. Gruber also says that “if we all have healthcare then we are less likely to become public health hazards” (Gruber).A problem does arise from this though Romney disowned his plan and wishes he never created it. Should we go with a plan that has been compared to another plan in which its owner disowned it?
So should we just drop Obamacare and leave it up to the states? This is really what the republicans want to do. Over seven states have tried doing this and only one has succeeded. The New York Times says that “it’s true states have had a long history of good ideas, sometimes enlightened, and others less benign. But Obamacare actually underwrites pilot programs to reduce costs, and gives states more freedom” (Keller).
But what exactly is in Obamacare? In several surveys that were done people voted and said that they liked the affordable care act but then they did not support Obamacare, so people are just supporting it without even knowing what it is. It has over 20,000 pages of regulations alone plus more than 2,700 pages of rules. Tate describes what exactly is in this enormous bill in his book. The topics range from “how much care we will be able to receive to what if I can’t afford to buy insurance for myself or to my company. Tate also says in his book that there will be a shortage in doctors and the hospital waits will be months at a time” (Tate).
Many countries have healthcare like this and are thriving very well. But then again most of them don’t have as high of death rates as the U.S. has. Sweden has healthcare similar to us and they are doing very well by using it. Sweden also uses bigger hospitals and has more doctors which also helps these doctors master their skills more. Which in my opinion is very helpful it helps them do their jobs better. “In comparison to other advanced democracies the United States is the only one without a universal health care” (Ginsberg, Lowi and Weir).
Even with these helpful things there is still certain downfalls. In certain circumstances there has been a wait for situations that are called “nonessential”. And in these early stages then it will have many bugs...

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