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Healthcare Reform Essay

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During the formation of the United States of America, the founding fathers had difficulty to agree on common issues due to their conflicting political stances. The intention of each political party is to form a solution that is in the best interest of the citizens in the U.S and of how to govern the US following its independence from Great Britain. It is safe to conclude that some Americans base their decisions on family affiliations rather than viewing each economic, social, and political problem differently to make an informed decision. The presidential nomination of then Senator Barack Obama marked the country's breakthrough in recent years during the 2008 election. Trends showed ...view middle of the document...

It seeks to reiterate past alternatives to the Affordable Care Act, and recommend a new solution that will increase the country's GDP and restore balance in the circular flow.
The concerns of healthcare are not new. Healthcare reforms were proposed but never established. Past decades show the country's healthcare costs are gradually rising. In fact, healthcare spending has exceeded that of the economy's budget. The country sought to regulate its spending on healthcare by establishing the department Center for Medicare and Medicaid. Placing the laws and services into effect showed significant improvement in both the lives of American citizens and the country's economy. The Consolidated Omnibus and Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and recently the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are other healthcare reforms that ensured providers and insurance companies treat Americans fairly. The Affordable Care Act is an initiative whose main intentions are to reduce the nation's deficit by leveling the healthcare costs. The rising healthcare cost concerns the country's leaders because a significant number of baby boomers are due to retire, and there is not enough money in the budget to support the program. When the country's government must be incorporated to regularize the rising healthcare costs and complexity of healthcare systems, it is imperative that both businesses and individuals be informed and concerned.
To explain the results of the Affordable Healthcare Act on individuals, an examination of what is required of individuals is necessary. Within the United States, American's not covered under a medical insurance plan must obtain one through the health exchange market place by April of 2014. If this person is still without insurance after this date, the person will, unfortunately, suffer a tax penalty for each month they are without insurance. The penalty that one may receive is then added to the modified adjusted gross income during tax returns. Thankfully, Americans can avoid a penalty by enrolling in a marketplace plan by March 31st, 2014. A marketplace plan is a site that offers a list of insurance plans for a person to choose which suits them and their needs. If an individual allows the deadline to pass them the penalty is $95 an adult, $47.50 a child, or 1% of an income. Let’s take a quick look at a more positive perspective for the person in regards to Obama care. With the Affordable Care Act, Insurances cannot charge extra money or turn away individuals for coverage due to a pre-existing condition(s). Another benefit this law brings about requires restaurants to provide nutrition facts. With the country being engulfed with obesity, this new protocol will help communities and the nation as a whole become healthy, or increase ones current healthy habits. The overall well-being of individuals will improve as the market improves. The success...

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