Healthcare Reform Essay

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Health Care Reform: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Health Care Reform:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

GE217 - COMPOSITION IICatherine, a divorced mother of two children worked as a machine operator for an automobile parts manufacturer until she was laid off. However, Catherine suffers from a rare disease called Myasthenia Gravis Pseudoparalytica, which severely weakens her muscles and causes extreme fatigue. While Catherine had the option of continuing to receive health coverage under COBRA, she was unable to afford the monthly payments because her only source of income was her unemployment check.Mark and his family acquired a small lumber company that had been in the community since 1873. They kept the previous benefits and continued to pay two-thirds of all their employee and family medical coverage costs. However, with the constant increase in health insurance premiums each year the company has had to cut back on the coverage they offer, transferring more of the cost to their employees. Eventually, Mark ran out of options and had to lay people off, partly due to rising health care costs.Health care is a necessity for every citizen, in spite of one's financial position or social status. Actually, it's the right of every person to have affordable health care in order to live a healthy life. Over the years, the cost of health insurance has gone up significantly making it extremely difficult for low income families and individuals to afford sufficient health insurance. However, the health care reform bill, now known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, will now make a profound positive impact on the health and economic well-being of all American families, businesses, as well as the overall economy. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will lower costs, guarantee more choices, and enhance the quality of care for all Americans. However, the advantages and disadvantages have become a matter of debate.Health Care Reform generally refers to changes in the managed care medical insurance system in the United States. Overhauling the health care system is needed due to the economic downturn the country is currently experiencing. As a result, millions of working Americans have lost their jobs, and, with each passing month, that number continues to grow. For many, the loss of a job also means the loss of health coverage. This has dealt a painful blow to the economic security of American families; leaving them at risk of shouldering the high cost of health care should they become ill. According to data recently released by the Census Bureau, some 46.3 million people lacked health insurance in 2008. However, the economy has changed a great deal since 2008: Unemployment continued to rise through the first eight months of 2009, even as recovery efforts worked to reverse this trend (Bailey, Bendixon, & Stoll, 2009)....

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4631 words - 19 pages Contents:1Introduction2Executive Summary3Recent Reforms3.1Overview of Healthcare System3.2Reasons of Reforms3.3Recent Reforms4Impacts of Healthcare Reforms5ConclusionReferencesAppendices1 IntroductionAs a major endeavour at implementing administrative change, Public sector reform impacts on both the organisational structure of the public sector as well as the operational principles and philosophy of public sector managers and workers. In Hong

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2909 words - 12 pages For decades, one of the many externalities that the government is trying to solve is the rising costs of healthcare. "Rising healthcare costs have hurt American competitiveness, forced too many families into bankruptcy to get their families the care they need, and driven up our nation's long-term deficit" ("Deficit-Reducing Healthcare Reform," 2014). The United States national government plays a major role in organizing, overseeing, financing

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1710 words - 7 pages division between doctor and patient has led to a practice called defensive medicine and it has also created a healthcare system riddled with inefficiency and in need of an overhaul. There is talk of healthcare reform and how it is important to control costs to the patient through lower health insurance premiums and limits on how much a hospital should charge for services. What is not heard is how it is important to control the costs doctors face

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736 words - 3 pages Dear Mr. President:We are at a dire crossroads in our society when it comes to health care. Many go uncovered or desperately undercovered. We spend the highest percentage of our GPD on health care of any nation, yet have nowhere near the highest level of performance or overall health. It is painfully obvious that our nation's health care system is in need of serious reform, and while that may seem a daunting task, I believe we can look to

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2393 words - 10 pages guidelines to ensure medical safety and protection of their citizens. From a general standpoint, healthcare reform is a phrase used to describe main health policy creations mostly by governmental policies that affect health care delivery within the government’s jurisdiction. According to Harrington & Crawford (2004), healthcare reforms attempts to achieve one or all of the following: • Increase the percentage of the population receiving healthcare

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3461 words - 14 pages being restrictive. Conclusion As the American people continue to call for healthcare reform, a socialized model should be the goal. The countless major problems with the current state of healthcare in the U.S. put it past the point of mending and demand a significant overhaul. Socialized healthcare has proven its remarkable effectiveness in other nations, and it has tremendous potential for the U.S. References Barlett, D. and Steele, J

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2708 words - 11 pages coverage. There are problems like this occurring every day. I believe that we need to improve not only the amount of people covered by health insurance, but the quality as well. To illustrate this, I look to Kaiser Permanente, who I have both volunteered and been a patient with, for the model of healthcare reform. Doctor Sidney Garfield and Henry Kaiser’s partnership that goes all the way back to the 1930’s became a revolutionary network of

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1384 words - 6 pages After months of substantial and aggressive deliberation around the United States, particularly in Washington, the HealthCare Reform of 2010 also known as the Affordable Care Act, was passed with a filibuster favorable to Democrats and signed into office on March 23rd by President Barrack Obama. Though it is intricately detailed, the ideal purposes as promised by those who promoted it are to provide inexpensive and uncomplicated health insurance

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1593 words - 6 pages . Estes, et al (2013) states that employers with 50 or greater employees will face fees if even one employee buys insurance through the exchange. Employees that work for large businesses that do not sign up for coverage or say that they do not want any coverage will automatically be enrolled into the lowest costing plan by the employer. This reform is also going to introduce wellness programs into healthcare plans. For examples small businesses

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2380 words - 10 pages The Healthcare reform law is a reasonable solution for people who cannot afford or do not have private health insurance. This is what the Healthcare reform law is going to provide for people in the United States. The Affordable Care Act provides for Homeless and people who before could not get health insurance due to pre-existing illnesses, so they are finally getting the coverage they deserve at reasonable prices. Healthcare reform has been a

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