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My grandmother was diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma of the blood on December 13th 2008. For two months my family and I watched my grandmother deteriorate in her hospital bed. No matter how many blood transfusions or chemotherapy she went through it was not enough to save her, she died on February 13, 2008. If it had not been for our family providing additional medical costs, she would not have been alive as long as she was. Unfortunately, not every American can afford to finance additional expensive procedures. If we do not have pass the Healthcare reform bill, millions of Americans will continue to die unnecessarily.
There is a huge problem in our society. “Although nearly 250 million Americans have health insurance”, there are still a vast number of Americans who are without health care. There are three main problems Americans are facing, first the federal health program we call Medicaid, who only provide services to the elderly, disabled, military and veterans which merely covers one-fourth of today’s population, second is the “rapid unraveling of employer- based health insurance” and thirdly is affordability. Although many Americans have Medicaid, this health plan does not cover most services, certain prescription drugs, and more importantly, Medicaid only cover the people who fall within the age bracket of (18-64).
For instance, if a patient needs to receive a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, the patient has to pay 20% of the medical expenses Medicaid will not cover. How is Medicaid helping the vast majority who is uninsured? According to the Census Bureau 18.3 million Americans are uninsured and under the age of 34. Out of 18.3 million Americans; 44,000 Americans are dying each year due to lack of healthcare coverage. In addition to the Medicaid concern, we have...

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