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Healthcare Team Paper

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According to American Nurses Association (2010) Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice, collaboration is defined as, “a professional healthcare partnership grounded in a reciprocal and respectful recognition and acceptance of: each partner’s unique expertise, power, and sphere of influence and responsibilities; commonality of goals; the mutual safeguarding of the legitimate interest of each party; and the advantages of such a relationship”.(p. 64). Collaboration amongst health care providers is very crucial in providing quality care to patients. Integration of disciplinary teams, improves communication, coordination, and most importantly, the safety and quality of patient care. It provides interaction between team members allowing them to bring their individual expertise skills and experiences to function more effectively in pursuing goals to provide high quality health care.
In this paper, I will differentiate between intra- and interdisciplinary teams and where the patient fits within these teams. I will also describe communication skills held by successful healthcare teams. I will then explain the role of teams in nursing and patient empowerment. Lastly, I will discuss the role of teams in professional nursing development.
Difference between intra- and interdisciplinary teams
An intradisciplinary team consist of professionals from a single discipline that includes team members from various levels of education and expertise within that discipline. An example of intradisciplinary in healthcare, would be nurse-to-nurse collaboration in efforts of achieving goals of optimal patient care within nursing practice. An interdisciplinary team consists of professionals from various disciplines that are involved in achieving a common task, in which each discipline brings their expertise within an organization. In healthcare, this team can include doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and nutritionists. Their goal as a team, is to discuss patients problems that are too complex for one discipline to find a solution.
Putting shared decisions into practice as a team is the goal to providing optimal patient care, but the important piece of the puzzle that is missing is the patients input. Shared decision making should involve both health professionals and...

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