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Upon first arriving at college, students find themselves catapulted into a world where the only rules are to succeed and to survive. For many, it is the first time in their lives when they take sole responsibility of governing their own decisions without parental supervision. Embarking upon this new, more self-sufficient lifestyle is both liberating and an essential step on the path to forming one’s own identity. However, with this newfound freedom comes a propensity to make poor choices without fully considering the consequences. No longer constrained by curfews or the concerns of loved ones and authority figures, students are free to stay out as late as they desire, drink to their heart’s content, and partake in various other reckless activities. Though today’s college students experience these challenges and many others when it comes to making healthy decisions, the single most important issue faced by scholars across the country is maintaining healthy eating habits despite obstacles their less structured environment generates.
One of the most common stereotypes that comes to mind when one thinks of early college life is the notion of the “Freshman 15.” This expression refers to the commonly held belief that by the end of freshman year in college, each student will have gained fifteen pounds. Though this may not always be the case, the phrase has become so commonplace for a reason: many students do indeed put on some weight during their first year away from home. Freshmen generally consume most of their meals at campus dining halls, and though it is becoming more customary for these eateries to provide a few healthy options, the vast majority of food served is packed with calories and light on nutrition. Additionally, when faced with purchasing groceries for the first time, students are more likely to stock up on tasty treats they could only eat on occasion at home. Most students believe these unhealthy eating habits are temporary and will cease after freshman year, but they may actually be the start of a pattern that can be very difficult to break.
After freshman year, many young adults fall prey to “broke college student syndrome.” Due to a lack of funds, students are more inclined to purchase more affordable foods such as Ramen Noodles, which have been affectionately referred to as the college student’s best friend, or to grab a quick bite at a fast food restaurant. These types of foods might be friendlier on the wallet but are typically void of any nutritional benefits, and can cause additional...

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