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Healthy People 2010: Obesity And Policy.

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Obesity is a condition that affects more than one-quarter of adults and one out of five children according to the American Obesity Association (AOA). The effects of obesity are disease, death, disabilities and morbidity. This disease does not receive the attention that it deserves from the government and insurance companies. America spends billions on health care each year. Yet, obesity is on the rise. The diseases that obesity can contribute to are part of the leading death rates.The objective of Healthy People 2010, concerning obesity, involves many issues and attributes. A few objectives are reducing overweight adults, healthy weight in children, food intake and nutrition, school nutrition, nutrition counseling and food security. All of these issues would help reduce chronic diseases and promote health with diet and exercise.To reduce obesity a policy would be adopted by the government. Insurance companies would give a discount to people who would fit the criteria of obesity. If a person were within weight limits, a discount would be given to them through insurance rates. Prevention is the key and the goal of controlling obesity in adults and children. Also, providing activities for families, through city agencies, that would not be a financial burden to the people that are considered low-income.This information needs to be measured in such a way that nationally, state and local entities can access such information. Strengthen state and community monitoring systems that will link nutrient and exercise (Healthy People 2010). Also, receiving commitments from the public and private entities that will be involved, including government, physicians and insurance companies.Obstacles may get in the way of reducing obesity in the United States. Income status, none or little activity, race, gender or family genetics are all barriers that could increase the probability of staying obese. If Americans, as a whole, fight this up coming disease with full force and the backing of the government then the reduction of obesity will happen. Education of nutrition and what is enough for our children will decrease the amount of obesity as adults in the future. The goal is to have a healthier and stronger America.Formulation.There is a proposal for health insurance companies be liable for the education and implementation of programs that will help reduce obesity in America. Americans spend over 60 billion dollars a year on weight reduction plans or pills (AOA). Inadequate reimbursements from the insurance companies make it difficult for Americans to gain control of weight loss. Weight can be a target of discrimination in a person's personal and professional life. Obesity can cause heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, arthritis and death. All of which can seriously jeopardize your health.A policy must be in place to hold insurance companies responsible for providing programs for obese people. If medically diagnosed with obesity by two or more...

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