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Healthier Life Essay

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“You need to meat in your diet” “You need meat to survive” “ Meat has more protein” Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard that from our family. But here’s the question, is meat healthy for you? What’s in our meat? They’re many people in the United States who are dying of diseases or because of their bad health. For example high cholesterol, obesity, heart diseases, and high pressure. Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle and striving for being a vegan or vegetarian will help earn that. Not only that is healthy but you’ll be saving animals lives as well.

To start off, the animals suffers in the slater house or where they’re being taken “care”. They’re many needless killing just for our food and we don’t even know what’s in them. Here’s a fact, when we feel stressed out our body releases stress hormones around. Now think about the animals. It’s not difficult to see that the hormones that are being released are to help with it in which this cases the animals. Some of the stress hormones stay lodged in the tissues, which you consume. How about when you’re drinking milk? That milk is the nutrient and the cow’s young. The nutrient and hormones are not meant for us, but why are we drinking it? That’s just adding extra hormones in your body. That’s unhealthy for you and your body. Not to mention the extra cholesterol the meat carries. We produce our own cholesterol, which is supposed to do well for our body, but we’re just adding extras in it. In taking those extra cholesterols and even high sodium can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol. According to the American Dietetic Association, the vegetarian diet has a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, kidney stone, and much more.

Secondly, this diet does well to your body and helps your build strong bones. We don’t...

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