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Healthlite Yogurt Company And Mis Essay

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CONTENT:Introduction:What is IS? Why should establish IS effectiveness? How to utilize IS to compete in marketplace? Why Healthlite Yogurt Company need to design new information systems?The problems of the company:Centralize the problems of the Healthlite Yogurt Company.New information system:Design tow new information systems for Healthlite Yogurt Company.One is database processing system. The other is electronic data interchange(EDI).Conclution:What is the whole proposal talking about? Why the company should adopt this proposal?IntroductionInformation system (IS) are costly to purchase, deploy, and maintain. Therefore, in aworld where business enterprise if operated for value maximisation according to theory of rational choice, it is natrual to suppose that MIS offers economic value and that this value overcomes the costs. As much it has rightly been an objective of MIS research for at least tow decades to determine the economic role of MIS. Today IS effectiveness continues to occupy the highest priority of the MIS research agenda.Information is one of the main types of resources that are available to the manager. Information can be managed such as any other resources. Managers have paid an increasing amount of attention to information management during recent years for two main reasons. First, business activity has become increasingly complex, (eg. International Economic Influence, Worldwide Competition, Increasing Complexity of Technology, etc.). second, the computer has acquired improved capabilities.In seeking successes in its marketplace, managers are especially aware of the influence pf the firm's consumers and competitors, the attempt to gain a competitive advantage by managing the flow of information. Competitive advantage can be achieved in many higher quality products and services than competitors, and meeting the special needs of certain market segments. As applied in the computer field, competitive advantage refers to the use of information to gain influence in the marketplace. Today, more and more corporations use information system as a competitive weapon and a number of firms has received widespread publicity from their use of information to achieve competitive advantage. Among the first were American Airline with its airline reservation system called Sabre, American Hospital supply with it EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) network, and McKesson Drug with its distribution system called Economost.Nevertheless, still have a great deal of companies are looking for the proper way to establish or redesign the information system for competitive advantage. One of them is Healthlite Yogurt Company. Yogurt is a kind of healthy food in which can lower blood chdesterol levels, boost our nature defences and help prevent the risk of concur, so it becomes one of the favorable products in the marketplace. From that, Healthlite Yogurt Company are facing a series of problems need to resolve. Hence, I list the current problems and comment two new...

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