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Healthy Body Weight? Essay

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The author Marilyn Wann wrote a very entertaining piece on being fat and how she was and is treated. In the piece she attacks a lot of commonly held beliefs on fat people. She attacks these claims and even provides evidence from health journals that disproves many of the myths that are held in society today. Her stories and experiences are really cases of injustice and unfair treatment. However even through all of the occasions in her life where she was mistreated because of her size she is not bitter or has no animosity towards people.
In the article that she wrote, she has a lot of distinct mental models about healthy body weight that few people have. The way she approached having a “healthy” bodyweight is by believing that there is no such thing. She got to this mind state because of the fact that when she went to get her check-up at the doctor’s office, she did not have any problems with her blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugars. She is a very healthy individual who eats her vegetables and exercises. She is a legitimately healthy individual despite her size. Her other mental model towards having a healthy body weight is that even people who are at a “normal” body weight or are thin can still have health issues. She has a great mindset towards her size and because she is so confident, she was able to start up her own magazine for fat people, that has become a success.
The mental models that are held by many medical care industries and health insurance companies have had a major impact on the health and wellness of fat people. For example, the author of this article has to pay an astounding 4 times the rate than a thin person would have to pay on her health insurance. This rate is due to the fact that she is a heavy woman, even though she is a healthy individual based on health indicators such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Due to these rates on insurance fat people have a very difficult time finding a suitable insurance provider and will skip check-ups with doctors. On occasions when these individuals do go to the doctor’s office, they are bombarded by doctors who are telling them to lose weight. These doctors many times fail to acknowledge the actual reason that their patients walked in for. They also relate any health issue like a cough or a sting to a fat related problem. In dealing with fat people doctors have been known to give the wrong diagnosis to their patients. For example on page 35, there is a case where the doctor didn’t listen...

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