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Healthy Bruneians: Just A Dream? Essay

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To be wealthy, one must first be healthy. In most cultures, having good health is considered a boon. However, people often take it for granted, especially with the modern lifestyle in today’s world. In Brunei, citizens are given the privilege of free medication, where they can enjoy all the medical and health benefits. In spite of that, people are easily blinded by these benefits, and may or may not be conscious of their own health. This essay will focus on two of the major concerns, specifically in Brunei, and will further elaborate some of the health issues surrounding them.

One of the major concerns, which may lead to an assortment of health problems, is smoking. It is the leading cause of disease and premature death across the globe, including in Brunei. Known to be extremely dangerous to the human body, smoking is one of the major risk factors in heart disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer, and a variety of other diseases. Citing a report from the Tobacco Control Unit, according to the 2008 statistic, 90 per cent of the lung cancer cases are smokers. The development of such cancer is largely due to the presence of various poisonous chemicals in tobacco smoke, such as tar and arsenic. In addition, smoking also raises blood pressure resulting in hypertension, where in Brunei, hypertension deaths reached approximately 10 per cent of total deaths according to the World Health Organization (WHO) data published in 2011. Although the number of males is more superior in the smoking culture, tobacco use has become increasingly popular among the females as well. This is thoroughly because most women regard cigarettes as a symbol of freedom, and use them as a way to prevent themselves from gaining weight. Besides smokers, other people who are exposed to second-hand smoke can also be heavily affected. In fact, passive smokers are at risk of getting similar diseases as the actual smokers. In an article written by Catherine Wilson (2010), WHO reports that 10 to 15 per cent of the total disease burden, is a contribution from passive smoking. Chronically, smoking has pernicious effects on the nervous system and the heart, and can even cause smokers to become paralysed in their later years. In summary, the damages that smoking has done to both smokers and non-smokers until today are still too small in the eyes of the ignorant, hence, it is the responsibility of others to create awareness about the harmful effects of smoking everywhere they go.

Aside from being harmful to the body, smoking can also cost an active smoker thousands of dollars every year. As mentioned by Amir Noor (2010) in his article, a Health Promotion Centre officer claimed that an average smoker would spend an estimation of $3,000 on packs of cigarettes annually. However, people are still willing to spend a huge amount of money, only to slowly damage their own bodies. The main question for this is, why? Simply, it is because the majority of people begin to smoke at a very young age and...

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