Healthy Diet Or World Disaster Essay

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There are myths about vegetarian diets that it is a healthy, moral alternative to meat and that it is far better for the world than meat incorporated diets. But the facts that state these claims are outdated, bias and poorly supported. Alternative meat products ravage US crops and don’t even provide proper, full nutrition to support a brain that has developed through years of meat sustained diets. Vegetarianism is a crop-destroying, world devastating, unhealthy and unneeded alternative to a weight maintaining lifestyle of meat eating.
Top soil in 90% of US cropland is at a loss by 13 times the sustainable rate, this drop is due to the high demand for vegetables like soybeans, a vegetarian meat alternative, that take up 92% of the crops in the US. This plant has been chemically modified to be immune to herbicides. Scientists say this will result in weeds that are un-proportionately large and highly durable. Researchers referred to these plants as super-weeds. This chemical, distributed to soy beans, is also toxic and dangerous to fish and other plant life, making the top soil unusable for other vegetables. Processed vegetarian protein options like soybeans can cause greenhouse gas pollution along with the top soil loss.
The myth that a vegetarian diet will solve world hunger is untrue due to the fact of top soil loss. The 925 million people in chronic hunger worldwide are not affected by meat eaters in countries like the United States. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, distributions and economics are the cause of hunger in other states and countries. Raising beef provides an easy way to feed the over populated earth. 85% of the US crops are unsuitable to use and 98% of American prairie land are gone, replaced with the meat alternative crops that are in such high demand for vegetarian diets. So there are no more native animals and plants, just crop. But native animals in the prairie land can happily coexist with cattle and bison, food that is easily shipped and brought to every part of the world, unlike the prairie killing crops. Meat industry provides people with much needed employment and slaughter houses now have strict rules about the treatment the animals and employees; there must not be any abuse or mistreatment.
Meat provides vitamins that aren’t in vegetables, such things like omega-3 acids, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. In order for proper serotonin receptor function, the process that is involved in sleep,...

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