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Healthy Diets For Healthy Bowels Essay

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Healthy Diets for Healthy Bowels

Eating a nutritious, balance diet is the key in maintaining good health. We all aim to be healthy but nowadays processed food and junk foods can be found in almost every corner, thus it takes a lot of perseverance to stick to eating good nutritious foods. Being healthy should start by eating healthy and whatever goes through your bowels contributes to your overall health. A healthy digestion system is essential since most nutrients that needed by the body is processed during digestion. Healthy bowels also prevent prevalent diseases such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, a normal bowel pattern ranges from three times a day to three times a week. A persistent change from this normal range that last for more than 6 weeks can signify a serious medical condition thus it is best to consult your doctor. Always remember that every digestive system is unique and how it behaves depends on your body makeup, lifestyle and daily habits. Here are several key changes you could make to have a healthy bowels:

Fiber is the indigestible portion of food that derived mostly from plants. This is the number step in having a healthy bowels. Soluble and insoluble fiber has different effects on the bowels and both are needed to keep the bowels in good shape. Soluble fiber is easily broken down by certain types of bacteria in the colon that produces energy and gas. This is also beneficial in lowering cholesterol level. Insoluble fiber is more difficult to break down by the colonic bacteria but it holds more water than the soluble fiber. This type of fiber helps in speeding up digestion. Some types of fiber include fruits, vegetables, oats, barley, wheat, and rice. It is best to include lots of fiber in your daily diet since it can lower the risk of diarrhea and colon cancer among many others.

Proteins are used by the body in building and repairing cells. Protein digestion is the process of breaking down dietary protein into amino acids that is made available to cells that support muscle maintenance, immune function, red blood cell formation and tissue repair. Example of protein enriched foods are...

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