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Healthy Eating Plan Essay

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Healthy Eating Plan ComparisonAs I look back on the healthy eating plan from week one, my eating habits have changed my intake results. Diets have always been hard for me, I always thought about eating healthy but I have not always made the right food choices. Since the week one healthy eating plan, there have been some big changes in my eating habits. For example, my fruit intake is more a part of my diet than before and my diet has increased in other important nutrients as well. In week one's food diary checkpoint, the fruit intake was one cup for each day, while in the second food diary assignment showed that the fruit intake is now 2.8 cups each day. However, most of the results from the second food diary assignment show that my diet over the past couple of weeks has changed from what it was during the first week of this course. The diet of my family is not consistent. For example, one week my diet may be high in milk and grain intakes and low in the next week.Over the past couple weeks my milk intake dropped dramatically from 14.3 cups to 0.1 cups. First, the milk intake was too high and now it is too low. The meat and beans intake has increased from 26.1 ounces to 33.6 ounces. The meat and beans intake is still too high. The vegetable intake had a major drop as well, the vegetable intake dropped from 9.4 cups to 0.6 cups. My vegetable intake went from a little too much to not nearly enough for a daily intake. The result of the grain intake was good on the second food diary assignment. The grain intake decreased from 88.5 ounces to 8 ounce a day. The grain intake went from being too high to around the right amount, which is good. The result of the fruit intake was good on the second food diary assignment as well. The fruit intake increased from 1 cup to 2.8 cups a day. The fruit intake went from not enough to around the right amount, which is good as well. The results from the second food diary assignment show a couple of positive changes that have occurred in my diet.The daily intake of fruit and grain have increased and decreased to the proper amounts needed. On a daily basis, when I eat a snack I eat; grapes, strawberries, pineapples, oranges, and bananas. Not eating so much grain is a good thing because my grain intake is now and the proper daily amounts. Having the proper amount of grain intake is important because grains are an essential part of nutrition. Whole grain has fiber which is very important. The prevention of constipation and the breaking down of food in the digestion process is helped by fiber. It is important to have a good awareness of nutrients and food density of. Intake of all six nutrients is important for the body. Being aware of the body's nutritional needs is important for good health. The six important nutrient classes are: minerals, proteins, lipids, water, carbohydrates, and vitamins.All of the psychological and bodily functions of the body are reliant on nutrients. All of the nutrients are part of my diet but...

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