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Healthy Food Choices Essay

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Upon beginning my paper I had to search for a topic of interest worth looking into here at savannah state. Like all schools we have or flaws there’s always that one facility with the hottest class rooms or the loudest floors. Being at an HBCU established in 1890 of course we have or fair share of those touches that make the school truly historical. But the one issue I think that is worth writing about is a relatively new problem on campus which is the lack of healthy food choices here at savannah state. The purpose of this paper is to inform my readers whomever they may be, about the limited variety of eating facilities on campus but the lack of options they hold. Here at Savannah state ...view middle of the document...

Here on campus. There is basically nowhere for those though who are vegan and vegetarian to have the option like the rest of the students; the option to choose what they would like to eat from a menu full of things they can eat and get a filling wholesome vegetarian meal. What I would consider a wholesome vegetarian meal or meal option, would be the option to a variety of cooked and raw fresh vegetables in a variety of styles and ways. Within our take out dining facilities here on campus or main sides are either tater tots or French fries. You can always substituent your French fries or tots with a side salad which contains 90% lettuce which is majority water and has no nutritional value, maybe two chopped cherry tomatoes and I slice of cucumber . The other “healthy alternatives” include fruit cocktails from a bag drowned in syrup.
Here on savannah states Campus we have multiple eating facilities. The first eating facilities you come across on campus entering from the back of campus is the student Union. Within the student union your choices are Chicken shack, East Austin Grille, Tiger Deli, Morningside Breakfast, and Starbucks. Among those options chicken shack, from my frequent walks through the student to and from class is the most popular by a longshot. There is always a long line that curves and intertwines with the others. Well, what makes it so popular? Well Chicken Shack sells the one thing that is familiar from one household to another, fried chicken one of the world most common comfort foods. Chicken shack offers you the comfort food from home any day of the week you desire it. Chicken shack also offers a variety of chicken choices. They give the options of honey barbeque wings, Buffalo wings, chicken tenders and rotisserie chicken. For sides you have the option of French fries, mashed potatoes, green beans, peach cobbler, and the option for a biscuit which comes with every meal. As far as the fried, rotisserie and wings, I acknowledge those are made fresh daily and start off raw and are prepped, seasoned, and cooked. The side options are there are healthy because they are vegetables but aren’t as healthy as they could be. The green beans or brown beans they serve are an attempt but to be for a college campus but we should have more side options. I personally do not like green beans or mashed potatoes and know a lot of people don’t favor those options either . I feel they should offer other sautéed vegetable like squash and zucchini, and another starch option like rice. Upon conducting my research I am very happy to know that the school doesn’t served canned foods. This is a good thing because the BPA epoxy resin which is used to line the inside of the cans are very harmful and can have adverse effects on the body; and although This substance is also present in bagged products but the levels are noticeably lower in the plastic/steamer bag products. Upon obtaining the knowledge of the origin of the food and how it is cooked I...

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