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Obesity rates in adolescents are on the rise and this poses a serious health issue and a need for proper nutrition. When a child does not receive proper nutrition, they face not only obesity, but are at risk for other disease as well. Busy guardian’s with bad eating habits also affect how the child will then choose to eat. Families with financial restraints often have less access to healthy foods and when they do,more often than not they are too expensive for the family. Finally, the rise in marketing unhealthy foods to adolescents is a major factor in how children from what they want to consume.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state that the Dietary Guidelines for American children ages two and older need to consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, as well as fat-free or low dairy products. While also suggesting to have limited amounts of added sugars,refined grains solid fats, cholesterol,and sodium. With that being said, not only do Americans not follow these guidelines, children are missing their essential two and a half to six and a half cups of fruits and vegetables daily. On top of that they are eating over 1,500 - 2,300 mg of sodium each day and are not receiving the needed two to three ounces of whole grains daily. This style of unhealthy eating promotes delays in development and physical growth. It leaves children with diminished energy, less cognitive function,unpredictable mood swings, and numerous missed school days.Children who do not receive proper nutrition are often at risk for obesity,high cholesterol,high blood pressure, and diabetes . They also pose a higher risk for Osteoporosis,iron deficiency, cavities and stroke. Certain cancers such as lung, esophageal, stomach, Colorectal and Prostate are also directly linked to poor nutrition.
Medlineplus linked parents lifestyle habits in addition to not having enough time to make dinner as a reason children are eating less nutritious meals.The results of parents being unable to offer home cooked healthy meals mean more children are eating fast food which contains tremendous amounts of fats and sugars.Adults who have poor eating habits will often rub these habits off onto the adolescent. The repercussion of parents not guiding children with healthy eating is they choose fast food and unhealthy options .These behaviors follow the child into adulthood and will be harder to break as they become older and have the ability to make their own food choices.Children who do not receive this parental guidance on healthy eating habits also have been linked to overeating. As well, when parents display unhealthy lifestyle habits such as prolonged periods of television watching children see the constant promotion of junk food and ultimately crave these high calorie snacks.
The Food Research and Action Center gathered information on how people with food insecurity are more likely to become overweight and eventually obese. Low income families lack resources for fresh food, and if it...

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