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Healthy Life Essay

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Living a healthy lifestyle will improve virtually every daily task throughout the day. Overall, an individual will have more confidence and self-esteem to go alone with a healthy body. Generally, the healthier the person is, the more energetic that person will be. The healthy lifestyle can lead to, but not limited to, self-confidence, energy, and prevent sickness and disease.
Difficult to maintain for many individuals, many studies have shown, a healthy lifestyle not only leads to longer lives, but more full lives. A person considered health will have more energy throughout the day to accomplish tasks versus a person categorized as obese. While a younger person may seem healthy at their ...view middle of the document...

Women with 4 to 5 healthy lifestyle factors had 43 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality compared to women with a score of zero” (Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle Factors). This benefits through finances as well because the health care plan an individual leading a healthy lifestyle will not need that expensive health care plan. Teaching people the effects of an improved lifestyle health wise could increase the amount of health individuals, while this could decrease the chances of illness.
A healthy lifestyle is started in the home and schools. Having a smart food shopping plan will decrease the impulse buy for sweets and junk food. This could be the number one method in preventing childhood obesity that is not a genetic issue. Children eat what the parents buy, and fruits, instead of candy, is the safest route. Not only for children, but the adults will benefit from healthier food household method through better eating habits as well. In the United States, the mother choices have been the difference in the health of children in each household. In a study on 13 Mexican American mothers, it states about a health household that, “All the participants felt that optimal physical health consequence, in part, of good nutrition and gave careful consideration to their children’s diets” (Mendelson, 153). The promotion of a healthy lifestyle continues through school and work activities and what they proved.
The stress of a normal lifestyle, especially for lower class single parents, can make a healthy lifestyle harder on the parents. The support need from the single parents can prevent them from generating the health food support. To take some stress off, buying the microwave or fast food would be a better route to take. Generally healthy foods and meals are more expensive than the processed foods, and some budgets prevent a household from bringing in these foods. The parents need to find...

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