Healthy Lifestyle With Unhealthy Activities Essay

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Last but not least, another way to practice the healthy lifestyle is by avoiding unhealthy activities. Unhealthy activities are a kind of lifestyles that being lived that is a threat to the person living it whether it be long term or short term. in the modern society, we life in terribly polluted world and we often be exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals every day at work, home, in the air and in our daily meal. some other examples could be bad habits such as gambling, smoking and consume alcoholic drinks. Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. the most common method of smoking today is through cigarette. cigarettes are typically composed with whole-leaf tobacco and contain nicotine, the psychoactive chemical that make the smoker became addictive to smoke. there are few others chemical in tobacco smoke such as acetone that usually found in nail polish, acetic acid an ingredient in hair dye, toluene used to manufacture paint and many more. Many of these chemicals are normally found cigarette smoke. These chemicals are known to cause cancer and poisonous to human body. it can directly damage genes or combine with existing genetic faults within cells to cause cancerous mutations. it is estimated that approximately 20,000 cancer cause deaths in the U.S. It show how dangerous the chemicals that can cause fatal and disorder . So, we need to avoid smoking to get fit with healthy lifestyle. Other than smoking, alcoholic drinks also need to be avoided in order to live in healthier way. type of alcohol that features in the alcoholic drinks we drink is a chemical called ethanol. the products such as grains, fruits and vegetables will undergo the fermentation process where yeast or bacteria react with sugar in food produces ethanol and carbon dioxide. nowadays people suffering...

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