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How does the healthy lifestyle and its beneficiary effects on people’s life.
The importance of eating/living healthily and the diseases can be prevented by following the fundamental bases of a healthy lifestyle.
Activities and a basic guideline which can help children grow to responsible adults about their inside/outside health.
Wellbeing of a family.
How does the healthy lifestyle and its beneficiary effects on people’s life.
Healthy lifestyle is crucial for a long, fulfilled and happy life. It is based on eating various different food, vegetables and fruit, drinking plenty of water, exercise and tries to do many things what can make us happy.
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Also fibre help us feel full so we are less likely to eat too much. Carbohydrates giving our body energy and also necessary vitamins. The other main part should be vegetables and fruits. They are low on calories and fat. Giving an ideal boost to our meals to keep maintain a healthy weight. The last third ideally would be divided between meat, fish, beans, milk and dairy food. These types of food are in the group of proteins. We need them to balance our vitamin and mineral level. Also this third includes food which high in sugar or fat.

Eating small portions throughout the day will make our digestive system to work effectively with not too much pressure. Recommendation is to eat 5 times a day. A carbohydrate rich breakfast such as porridge, musli will give the energy to start the day healthy and happy. A yoghurt with fruits for a snack before lunch. The main meal of day should be lunch so we our body has time to consume all the nutritional good we ate. Again some fruits or wholegrain snacks for snack before dinner. Vegetables and light meals are perfect for dinner.
Food low on fat does not mean we have to give up on fat entirely but we should know the effects the different types make on our body. Which fat we should try to avoid and which are the ones would fit in to our healthy diet. Our bodies need fat for working effectively. Fat contains around 9 calories per gram while protein and carbohydrates contains 4 calories per gram, that is why fat helps the most supply energy to our body. It helps fat-soluble vitamins to absorb such as A, D, E and K vitamins. Although fat is important part of our biological cycle some fats are harmful to our body. We can divide fats into groups. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature usually comes from animal sources; some of them might come from plants. They raise cholesterol levels. They are advised to be avoided, although some studies say that some kind of saturated fats has neutral effect on cholesterol. Trans fats, hydrogenated fats are also the ones to avoid as while they raise LDL (bad) cholesterol level and lower HDL (good) cholesterol level. Food industry using these fat to extend the shelf life of cookies, cakes, fries and other processed food. We really should try to avoid these. Unsaturated fats comes from vegetables and plants. They are the fats preferable to include in our diet. They usually lower LDL cholesterol level and maintain HDL levels. Omega-3 fatty acids the last type, they cannot be produced by our body. But they really can lower the risk of heart diseases and power up our immune system.
We have to drink plenty of water as our bodies main content is water. By the time someone thirsty he lost 2-3% of his body’s water. Mental performance and physical coordination becomes impaired around 1% dehydration. The recommended fluid intake is 1.6 litres for a women and men should drink around 2 litres.
Activities and a basic guideline which can help children grow to responsible adults about...

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