Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Healthy People 2020

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Having a relationship with a person of their interest, allows the couple to form a bond between them. When the bond between them is strong, they may come to the decision of taking their relationship to the next level, which is sex. During sex, the person and their partner engage is sexual behavior. In the heat of the moment, the two’s minds are in complete ecstasy, disregarding what is going on. During the mince of ecstasy, even the littlest things can be forgotten like a condom. After everything has toned down and ejaculation as occurred, not only has the person engaged in unprotected sex, they have also exposed themselves to sexually transmitted diseases.
Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are diseases that are obtained through unprotected sex with an infected person. Since some STDs show no symptoms, it’s usually hard to tell if the person is infected or not, regardless whether or not you have engaged in sex. According to It’s Your Sex (n.d.), “1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STD by the age of 25.” Unfortunately, the statistics are true; many young adults aren’t aware they have conducted a STD until they are tested. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2008), there is an “estimate that there are approximately 19 million new STD infections each year”. Majority of the infected people range from the ages 15 to 24 thus proving something is going on within the community. With this being said, Healthy People 2020 (2010), a guide used to plan goals for the next 10 years that help improve the well being of the U.S., has a goal set for STDs: “Promote healthy sexual behaviors, strengthen community capacity, and increase access to quality services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their complications.”
With society today being so modern, it would seem obvious that almost all ages, except children under the age of 14, would know how to protect themselves, in the case of any sexual behavior. Health promoters try to educate young adults about sex at an early age so they know how to be smart about it, yet sometimes the resources aren’t always available for them. Some on-site research has shown, some high schools have dropped sex education because California state doesn’t have enough funding for the school to continue on educating the school. In addition, the schools do not promote students to have sex to the point they don’t even provide condoms so they can practice safer sex. With so much teens coming in to clinics being diagnosed with some type of STD or sexually transmitted infection (STI), the issue has been brought to the table of public health professionals to think is the lack of education in safer sex or even the accessibility of basic contraceptives really that difficult to obtain in certain populations. Without the basic knowledge of using a condom, a latex or polyurethane rubber sheath used to wrap the penis and to protect the penis from contracting any STDs or at least reducing on...

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