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What is a healthy relationship?

healthy relationship
What makes a relationship a healthy relationship?
What makes a relationship a healthy relationship? Is it love? Suprisingly no. Some relationships are lovable but destructive for both partners. Is it sex? Well for some sex is not a reason to stay in relationship even if it's great. Then there are long distance relationships where lack of sex is a must, but couples still remain in a relationship. What makes a healthy relationship? What makes it good? Is is what we are told? Is is what we have seen, experience? The truth is we never had a good rolle models and our experiences didn’t end up well. Besides relationships have a hude emotional component where objectiveness is almost not possible. Concerning relationships there are so many myths that are simply far from having a good and healthy relationship.

Good and healthy relationships feel good. Feel right. They are free of fear and full of devotion, emotional support, space and mutual respect. They are not just a condition. It’s a process. It’s journey of bouilding up and creating a bond. A journey where we long for being one but still being what we are.

Are you looking for the one or you just haven’t met that special someone? Do you believe in faith? Is love all you need? Is it that people you want don’t want you or vice versa? Are you too picky or just have an endless list of do’s that need to be fulfilled? Yes? Yes! So many demands just to get an loving embrace. But what we really need first is to answer to our selfs is if we are prepared to be vulnerable. Unfortunately stereotypes on healthy relationship won't help.

Relationships are hard. Mainly because emotions are involved. Most of us grew up with bad examples and had bad experiences of our own. For some bad experiences makes it hard to start a relationship. For some it is a question of should I stay or should I go. To be in a healthy relationship first we need to know what we want. What we want is not easy to distinguish. Here I'm going to describe what a healthy relationship is and how to find out what we want in a relationship. But please concern that all element need to be present in order to have a healthy relationship. If one is missing it is like pillars of house - it becomes unstable.

Elements of healthy relationship:

healthy relationship sexual attraction1. Sexual attraction

According to Carl Jung, late Swiss psychotherapist sexual attraction is meeting of two personalities and like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed . Attractiveness on the basis of sexual desire is one of most necessary elements of a relationship. Without it a relationship can't be even started, but it's also important element of maintaining one. Together with other elements described below it can become a healthy relationship on a long run.

healthy relationship acceptance2. Verbal and emotional acceptance

Is a part of emotional...

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