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Healty Body Essay

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Obesity is a nightmare for many women. Why it is going on like that? The first of those reasons that you can look around nearby yourself is the fashion. Most of them have designed for the woman that she has a perfect body to slim body. Although it will have a big size design, it hard to find the style that look same the catwalk. The perfect dream of women is have a perfect shape. They can have the perfect shape in the correct ways by have an exercise, healthy food, and good rest.
I am a one of those people that I want to have a perfect shape. It is not a good story if your friend, family, or coworker says hi to you by these sentences. “Are you fatter?” “Are you pregnant?” Sometime it is ...view middle of the document...

I usually have a small meal before because I thought I will lose weight. Then, I ate less than I ever have. Another side effect is unstable emotion because I usually did irritability, and also I did forgetful in many times. I did not care about them because I only care about my weight and shape.
Indeed, the effects of using diet pills have seen around you a lot because many media published the disadvantages of diet pills. The normal effect of diet pills that we had known those include raise blood pressure, heart rat, insomnia, dry mouth, nervousness and headaches. Some serious cause is die that you may see on media. If you will ask me “Do you scare about those effects?” I will answer you “Yes I scare, but I scare to fat higher than die”.
After I still used the pills for 2-3 months, I was so glad that I lost my weight, and also I could change my size of shirt from XL to M. I went to see doctor and told her I want to stop using the diet pills. I was destitute people after I stop using diet pills because I ate everything such as soda, dessert, snack, and fired food. Just 1-2 months my weight came back. Actually, I came back in the dark way that it is using diet pills. I asked doctor to change the level of diet pills to higher than I had ever used. It was look as addict them I had used diet pills for 8 years. Although I used and also switch to stop, I did not missing the doctor. I used both modern medicine and herbal medicine. Some of them I brought by myself. I also used many supplementary foods that the advertising say they can help you to lose weight as Atkins, but they cannot help me.
At last I decided to go to let my weight grown because I thought my burning system was die and cannot fix. I was agreeing the results that come from using the diet pills is yoyo effect. What is that? Yoyo effect is using for call the cause of weight come back quickly. It looks like you play a yoyo. When you threw it to the floor by drop weight more, it will swing up back fast and hard. This is the reaction after using diet pills.
Change of my life is broken-heart. My boyfriend was stopped our relationship about 7 years because changed his mind to another girl. It also is the real story that many men who are is the motor expo show will be looking for the sport car like her, they are not looking family car like me.
One thing in mind, of course that I will not go back to use diet pills again. I had learned from using diet pills is the weight cannot stay with for long time. If I want to get a good I have to do in another way. The first spot equipment that I brought for play is giant hula hoop. The theory of this equipment is it can help you to burn calories around 200 – 300 calories per 30 minutes. I was plan my to use hula hoop two times a day half hour in the morning and...

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