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Hear Me Roar... Essay

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Music has always been a significant part of my life. When I was younger I was involved in the church and school choirs, I often listened to my father play the guitar, and I now attend a few of his band's gigs in various country bars and social events. I like to think that I am well-immersed in all types of music, but I took advantage of the opportunity to study a few different artists with whom I am not so familiar. I chose rock music, because I believe it, along with others, is a genre which is often misunderstood. Many of my friends ridicule it because they assume the lyrics contain nothing but general hate, disgust, and rebellion. I would like to prove that opinion wrong, and embrace rock music for all of its throbbing beats, screams, and crude, if effective, lyrics. Ultimately, I want to absorb more knowledge of music, and reject the "common sense" about rock music which so many people have tried to impress upon me.In order to obtain my data, I turned first to my family. Both my stepfather and mother love rock music, old and modern, so from them I gathered a few CD booklets with lyrics inside. In addition, websites like and were both extremely helpful in finding legitimate lyrics from an abundance of artists. The performers which I chose were Metallica, Ozzie Osbourne, Linkin Park, and Hoobastank. I realize that this hardly encompasses all of rock music, but I tried to pick a couple groups who were more current, and then two whose reputations by now have been well-established. I chose the songs to analyze nearly completely by the titles, which to me displayed the stereotype of the "angry" rock group. In terms of Metallica and Ozzie Osbourne, both which have multiple CDs, I chose songs from more than one CD in order to get more variety in the lyrics themselves.From Hoobastank's CD was "Hello Again," and "Running Away." While both of these songs are fast-paced and at first listen seem to border on defiance, both actually spoke of relationships and love. "Hello Again" opens with "I dream that someday we'll be able to/Look back on this together and say/It was for the best and that it made us/Stronger today, stronger today." The chorus of the song is as follows: "There's much more for us to see/A brand new day for you and me/And with confidence I say 'we're better than ever'/And I don't know where this will lead/But in my life you need to be/Cause I need to say 'hello again'." Hardly the violent, ignorant lyrics which many people assume. "Running Away" gave much of the same sense: "Cause I did enough to show you that I/Was willing to give and sacrifice/And I was the one who was lifting you up/When you thought your life had had enough." These words and phrases do not at all show hostility; rather, they speak clearly the intentions of the lyricist.Metallica, however, was a little less forgiving in the relationship department. "Nothing Else Matters" is substantially slower than many of the other songs, but the lyrics...

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