Hearing Is The Most Fascinating Of The Senses

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Hearing is one of most fascinating human senses. It has drawn the attention of scholars’ neuroscientists, psychologists, and the general public alike. Where vision is used for communication and warning about distance, hearing can also be used to alert, communicate pleasure, and fear (Peretz, 2005). This is done through conscious appreciation of sound vibrations perceived and interpreted by the ear and brain respectively. The purpose of the ear is to change the physical music vibrations into encoded nervous impulses. The ear is like a microphone stimulated by the music or sound vibrations that are transmitted into electrical signals. However, unlike the microphone, the biological ear transmits sound vibrations into impulses which are in turn processed through the central auditory pathways of the human brain. Scholars in association with various neurological, anatomical imagining systems have conducted research to establish music transmission mechanisms (Wang, 2013). This was carried out through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of modeled neuroimaging data. The neuroimaging techniques were applied in studying the brain-behavior relationships as well as its structure and function. The research contributions were relevant in multidisciplinary science departments such as Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience Systems, and Social Neurosciences. For example the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC) has reduced the number of times and efforts involved in reviewing various neurological manuscripts and research papers.
According to NPRC, the fascinating science of music processing has existed for more than a century. However, it was not until the last two decades that the study of music illustrated its systematic processing mechanisms officially published by the NPRC (Wang, 2013). Overall, the music scientific study was fascinating because it offered a unique opportunity for the better understanding and organization of the human brain. This can be illustrated by the few individual who often become proficient in music through explicit mentoring and tutoring. Music requires the conferment of skills through the exploration of the brain plasticity. In addition, the anomalies of the brain can be revealed by exploring the extent and level of properties of music including its frequencies and intensities among others (Lee et al, 2011). The properties are used in establishing an individual’s perception and recognition of music. However, cases arise due to brain anomalies in which patients fail to differentiate tonal and atonal music variations or even make judgments based on music melodies. In such cases, the patient’s memory can be used to make judgments through music structure melody. The process uses electrical brain responses by interlocking the event-time related tone deviations. The relations in the music pitches are influenced by the harmonic principles through the chord sequences. Different chords are recognized differently by specific tonal...

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