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There were many changes in my behavior with wearing the earplugs compared to not wearing them. My behavior changed by not being as talkative as I usually am. Since I see my dad only a few times every year we usually talk a lot, but when I had the earplugs in I barely spoke because it felt like I was yelling. I had no idea if I was talking to soft, the same as I usually do, or to loud. I was just as active as I normally am. I did my daily ab and leg work out and did my mile run. Having the ear plugs in did not stop me from my work out or playing with my dog outside. I still watched TV as I normally do at my dad’s because I have nothing else to do. When my brother got done with working ...view middle of the document...

However, my family did not engage me in conversation like they normally do. I did not mind at all because I did not enjoy talking very much as I stated before. I hated feeling like I was yelling. For example, my step mom would talk to me when she wanted to know what I wanted to have for lunch and for dinner, or if I needed anything when she went to the store. My dad was working and was not around me very much except for lunch, dinner and later on in the day. All my dad ask me was “Do you want to watch this movie?” I knew they would not talk to me as much as they did the day before because it was harder to communicate with me. They ended up just texting me if they needed to ask me a question, since it was easier to get my attention and an answer. I felt my family understood some of my difficulties I encountered. They understood it was hard for me to talk to them and I felt my dad understood what it is like to wear earplugs since he wears them a lot too. I am proud that my family was nice and patient with me while I experienced hearing loss.
While I was exercising, doing homework or playing video games, like Mario kart, I was able to focus on what I was doing more than I would if I did not have ear plugs in. Experiencing hearing loss for those activities I had more of a positive feeling, because I was not distracted by my surroundings like I usually am. One thing I enjoyed was blocking out my step moms loud voice. Whenever we are at the dinner table my step mom’s voice seems to be a lot louder. It usually hurts my ears when she speaks; it causes a constant ringing in my ear. Since I had earplugs in I enjoyed eating at the table and not have my ear be in pain. However, I felt more depressed overall when I had the earplugs in. Not being able to hear clearly and as loud was hard to deal with. I felt like I was alone because no one in my family tried talking to me as much as they normally would and I found myself alone most of the day. I was able to think a lot more since it was quieter with earplugs in. I found myself in deep thoughts throughout the day and not paying attention to someone if they did try to...

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