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Heart And The Fist Reflection Essay

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Katie HalvorsenMolly BuntonGEP 10104 November 2014The Heart and the Fist ReflectionIn the book The Heart and the Fist, author, Eric Greitens takes you through his experiences as he travels the world. At a young age Greitens always dreams of making a difference, so he began to travel around the world to work in refugee camps and serve the sick and poor. He realized that he could do more to protect the poor and sick by joining the army, and so he became a navy SEAL. As Greitens narrates his life we learn more about him, ourselves, and some important messages about being the best we can be. The themes in this book go well with the Public Affairs Mission, The Ethical Citizen: Can you make a difference? The themes I noticed were to take care of the things you honor/care about, and to try to learn about other cultures and to not stereotype.One significant theme we run into is, if you honor something you will take care of it and put a lot of work into it. For example if you are in a club or organization, you should be/show your dedication to the club, or else it can look like you don't care about the people in the club or that you don't care enough to do what you are supposed to, or what the whole club is about. This idea comes up when Greitens is with Earl, his boxing trainer. When Earl saw that Greitens was there to stay, he bought Eric his own pair of boxing materials, like gloves, ropes, headgear, etc. By having/paying for your own equipment it makes the person care more about the items, and it gives them more motivation to come in to practice. For example, Greitens explains Earl's philosophy to the readers, "If you didn't wash the strings of your gloves every week, it meant you didn't care enough about your equipment. If you didn't care about your equipment, you didn't care enough to train properly. If you don't care enough to train properly, you shouldn't be here" (Greitens 36). This philosophy can be applied to my life as a student. For example I care a lot about my grades; therefore I try to finish all assignments and go to my classes, so I don't fail. So if you don't care about your grades there is a very small chance of you doing well in school.Another important theme shown is that it is important to respect other cultures and to be concerned with humanity. Greitens visits many different countries during his travels. While there he interacts with a bunch of different people and he is able to learn more than he already did about that country and its culture. I think it's important for us to try to understand other cultures and everything they go through every day, and to not stereotype them. For example as the cab driver was taking Greitens to the Gaza Strip he says, "I've never been to Gaza, and I am never going there. You want to go to Gaza, you serious? The people there, they're terrorist, all terrorists" (Greitens 117). When Greitens arrives he is offered tea and bread, children were out on the street playing tag, and were asking questions...

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