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Heart Gene Therapy Essay

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Although the technology of heart gene therapy is at its initial stages and only medical trials have begun, some ethical questions and arguments are arising on its acceptability to be used for treating people. Heart gene therapy involves insertion of a foreign gene and this is argued to be against nature because our natural genetic makeup is altered from this treatment (Kelly, 2007). This has erupted discussions for and against this treatment. Some people argue that altering our genetic makeup, even for treatment purposes is playing God and should be completely rejected. This is based on the religious view of this technology. Other people pro heart gene therapy argues that if this gene ...view middle of the document...

This is because of stereotype that the gene therapy treatment will result to special functioning of the normal body functions. Even with the promising beneficial consequences resulting from a successful Heart gene therapy, the ethical concern of the social impacts of this treatment to an individual is worth considering being able to decide whether this technology should be embraced.
A big ethical issue facing clinical trials for Heart gene therapy is how the consent for the subjects of the trials was framed and explained to them. Gene therapy research requires framing of a completely honest and informed consent for the participants to enable them know exactly what they are undertaking (Anderson, 2010). With many willing participants of this trial, an ethical concern arises of whether only the positive side of the treatment was addressed and whether information about side effects and consequences of unsuccessful treatment was made available. Because the success of this treatment is not 100% guaranteed, it is important to manage expectations of participants of the trials through explaining clearly the process of treatment, all the side effects and the honest and factual chances of success.
Long-term effects of this treatment are also another ethical issue surrounding it. Some people...

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