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Heart (One Piece) Essay

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Creating a human without the reproduction system. It's almost impossible to accomplish, considering that passing on genes to an inanimate object. Although highly extolled and the most successful scientist, it came flabbergasted not only the people of his island, but the government. He created a miracle in the name of science - a living creature, made out of only screws and bolts. No one augured this, despise his great success.

But he was happy. The scientist was a genius of his time. Acing all of his exams and tests ever since he was a little boy - it even made him sound like an adult!

However, although it seems like he had an abundance of friends, in contrast, he lived in ...view middle of the document...

The nameless robot linked eyes with her inventor's emerald ones, as the two stood in silence. The silence, however, was momentarily.

"Hello there," he spoke slowly, "my name is Vegapunk." The robot still had the same stance.

"Hello, master. I do not have a name." Her voice had no emotions - nor did it seem like she was stoic. Despise the lack of enthusiasm, Vegapunk found her voice to be euphony.

"You do not have to call me master..." he pause, and attempted to find a name for the nameless one "...Kiseki." The robot still continued to stare blankly and still devoid of emotions.

"Hai...Vegapunk." The said name didn't tense. "How are you feeling, Kiseki?" it seem like a silly question, especially to a robot of all things, but he needed to test her.

"I am feeling great, Vegapunk." Although she didn't do a good job revealing happiness or joy. Or anything positive, for that matter.

"You're lying." Those bleak words, so frank and blunt, especially coming from someone who was kind to the townspeople. It wasn't exactly cruel or harsh, but something that shouldn't be allowed to escape from one's mouth.

"Hai, I know." Perhaps the Miracle wasn't exactly one. But he didn't abandon...

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