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Heart Palpitation Essay

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The fluttering and pounding of heartbeats is what is known as heart palpitation or simply palpitation. Palpitations in most cases need not be worry about as the heart pumps effectively. However, this can be symptom of a more severe heart problem like that of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) which may require some medical aid.

Causes of palpitations
The major cause of palpitation is not found. Nevertheless, some of the common symptoms of palpitations are mentioned below:
• Stress or anxiety which is associated with strong emotional responses.
• Strenuous exercise
• Nicotine and caffeine
• Hormonal changes which is associated with pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.
• Fever
• Using medication for cough and cold that contains a stimulant for palpitation called pseudo ephedrine.
• Asthma inhaler medications may probably contain the stimulants
• Excessive smoking can also give rise to heart palpitation

Although in many occasion of heart palpitation, there can be sign of a serious, chronic underlying problem which may be like:
• A thyroid gland which is overactive (hyperthyroidism)
• Abnormal heart beat called arrhythmia
• There can also be slow heart beats called (bradycardia)
• Irregular heart beats called atrial fibrillation

Symptoms of palpitations
The palpitations can occur when you are at rest, standing, seated or lying down. It can be felt in the throat, neck as well as the chest of the body.
The common symptoms you can feel are:
• The heartbeats are skipped
• Flutters heartbeats
• These heartbeats can be too fast
• They pump harder than usual
• The pulse rate become faster than normal

Diagnose and tests for palpitations
The tests that the doctor can perform are listed below:
• ECG or electrocardiogram which helps to detect the irregularities of heartbeat.
• Holter monitoring also records a continuous ECG and used for detecting the heart palpitation.
• Chest X-rays which helps to determine the structure of the heart which may also be the reason to cause palpitations.
• Echocardiogram that involves examining which includes the ultrasound of the chest.

Home Remedies for Palpitations using fruits and honey
• Guava helps to relieve palpitation and hence eat a ripe guava in empty stomach. This also calms the effect whenever you experience nervousness.
• Grapes are also useful for palpitation. You can either take it in the raw form or have a glass of juice of grapes. This relieves palpitation to a great extent.
• Honey is used for all kinds of diseases. It is also used for palpitations. Add a tablespoon of honey in a...

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