Heart To Heart; Pregnant Women With Hypertension

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Heart to Heart; Pregnant Women with Hypertension
Recently, wide increase rated of gestational hypertension due to late labour, and obese. The magazine titled “fit pregnancy” carries an article of gestational hypertension that about 30 percent of primigravida(first pregnancy) women are suffering from hypertension. The gestational hypertension is a common disorder, and related hypertensive disorders are idiopathic. In most cases, primigravida women with gestational hypertension experienced no symptom; but it highly increases the risk of abnormal bleeding, and premature birth. The women with gestational hypertension can also experience preeclampsia which is a combination of hypertension, ...view middle of the document...

As previously stated, the medications that commonly use for treatment are labetalol and methyldopa. The methyldopa is an antihypertensive agent that commonly used for non-severe hypertension treatment (blood pressure of 140~159mmHg / 90~105 mmHg). Antihypertensive treatment decreased the risk of severe hypertension and avoided adverse effects on fetus; even though it crosses the placenta barrier. The research has reported that methyldopa has a history of use for gestational hypertension for a long period with no reported of any maternal strokes, thus there was only one maternal death due to refusal of antihypertensive treatment for severe hypertension. (BJCP, 2011).
The labetalol is also antihypertensive agent; commonly used as first-line medication in the treatment of both non-severe hypertension, severe hypertension (blood pressure of 160mmHg or higher / 110mmHg) and preeclampsia. In the past, the magnesium with a calcium channel-blocker are commonly used for preeclampsia, but it has severe side effects of hypotension (low blood pressure), and myocardial depression. The researchers found that labetalol has fewer side effects for both primigravida women and fetus, and it becomes a universal medication to treats gestational hypertension and preeclampsia (Gloria T, 2013). The methyldopa and labetalol have been used for a long period to safely control blood pressure for pregnant women, and number one recommended medication that prescribes by doctor.
Physical Exercise during Pregnancy
According to the article from ‘fit pregnancy’ magazine, primigravida women who do exercises between pregnancies can prevent gestational hypertension. Linda E. May et have been conducted studies on the effects of aerobic exercise during pregnancy and their results have shown that the regular maternal physical activities may serve as the earliest intervention available to improve cardiovascular health (Linda M, el, 2014). The fetal benefits of maternal exercise are attributable by the stimulatory effects on intermittent reduction in nutrient supplies, improved placental growth and uterine circulatory on fetal activities; in order to reduced oxidative stress for women (Linda M, el, 2014).
The research on LTPA (Leisure Time Physical Activity) during pregnancy has also shown that physical exercise is encouraging for the health of women and her fetus. The physical activities of LTPA are walking, aqua aerobic class, free gym membership, and biking. According to study, the LTPA during pregnancy may reduce the risk of preeclampsia by reducing blood...

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