Heart Warming Story Of A Snow Boy

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It was one of the coldest days of the year, right after Jack moved to a new house. He was awoken by his mother, shouting"Wake up, Jack! It snowed last night!"Usually it took him an hour to get up, but that day, he got up immediately, changed into warm clothes, gobbled up a bowl of chocolate cereal with milk, and burst through the door to the outside. A marvelous white world was waiting for him. He looked around excitedly, and then a girl like a princess doll popped into his view. Jack admired her. She was just going inside her house with her mother, after making a snow-girl beside a car. Jack heard her mother calling her "Ava". The snow-girl was as pretty as Ava, and had a pink ribbon tied around her neck. Her eyes were two sky-blue stones, her nose was a little carrot, and her mouth was a red ribbon. He decided to make a snow-boy for the snow-girl, wishing to be friends with Ava.After two hours, Jack finally completed his work. The snow-boy had black buttons for the eyes, a long carrot for the nose, and a banana for the mouth. Jack was pleased about what he had done. The rest of the day, Jack spent his time making gingerbread cookies with his mother. It was almost Christmas, so his house was filled with Christmas decorations. He fell asleep as he thought about all the things he wanted for Christmas, but somehow, Ava showed up in his mind a lot. For example, when he was thinking about toy trains, he couldn't stop picturing himself playing them with Ava.At midnight when red and green Christmas lights were lightening up the town instead of the sun, something moved in front of Jack's house. It was Snow-boy!! He stretched his body, and then he, with blushed cheeks, moved closer to Snow-girl."Hello, I'm Snow-boy. It's very nice to meet such a pretty snow-girl. Do you remember the boy who made me? He likes the girl who made you. I'm given a life to help him because it's Christmas time, you know. It's a Christmas magic! And I was wondering if you can help me." He rattled all this while staring at her ribbon, and then he looked up. She didn't say anything. "Oh, no, no, don't judge me wrong. It's not like I'm flirting. I really want to help Jack out," he said. Still, she didn't say anything. She wasn't...

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