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Heat Of A Solution Essay

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Background ResearchThis science activity is being conducted to compare temperature changes when different salts dissolve in water. Two salts namely, lithium chloride and platinum chloride are involved in this experiment. It is said that the addition of some salutes to a solvent will raise the temperature of the solution, while some may lower the temperature and others will not have any noticeable effect. This behavior depends on the heat of the solution's solute in a given solvent. The heat of this solution, i.e., the amount of heat given off or absorbed during the process of solution is equal to the difference between the energy that must be supplied to break up the crystals of the solute and the energy that is released when the solute particles are taken into solution by the solvent. If the heat of the solution is negative, then the temperature will decrease. If the heat of the solution is positive, the temperature will increase. Chemical changes alter the composition and structure of a substance; these kinds of changes are always accompanied by energy changes. The change in heat content of the products relative to the reactants in a chemical reaction is known as a change in enthalpy. If the heat content of the product is greater than the heat content of the reactant, the change in enthalpy is positive, making the reaction "endothermic". If the change in enthalpy is negative, the reaction would be "exothermic".It is important to know what salt is in light of this experiment. Salt is defined as a compound formed by the reaction of an acid with a base in which the hydrogen of the acid has been replaced by metal or other positive ions. It is an ionic compound that forms when a metal atom or a positive radical replaces the hydrogen of an acid.Endothermic denotes a chemical reaction that takes heat from its surroundings while exothermic denotes a chemical reaction that releases heat into its surroundings. It is said that when water dissolves a substance, the water molecules attract and bond to the molecules or ions of a substance causing the particles to separate from each other. The bond that the water molecule makes is not a covalent or ionic bond, it is a strong attraction caused by the water's polarity. It means that it takes energy to break the bonds between the particles of the solute. Energy gets released when water molecules bond to the solute's molecules or ions. When it takes more energy to separate the particles of the solute than is released when water molecules bend to the particles then the temperature goes down, otherwise known as endothermic. On the other hand, if it takes less energy to...

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