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Heaven Locked In The Islands : Andaman And Nicobar

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Heaven locked in the islands : Andaman and Nicobar

The beautiful archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar islands leaves you mesmerized with the sound of the sea waves crashing at the shore. If one wishes to cherish the beauty of the islands and beaches then why go abroad when you can trace this group of islands sprinkled at the east of Indian Ocean. A cluster of 572 unexplored islands out of which only 26 are inhibited and some of which are for the local tribes. The glistening blue and green stretch in the Bay of Bengal gives a peaceful respite from the hustle-bustle of our life, captivating the charm of the nature. The island which was once used for imprisoning the Indian Freedom Fighters and ...view middle of the document...

It is on a separate island and is connected by a bridge and serves as a warehouse for wood. This mill is a testimony to second world war when Japan had dropped a bomb here causing a huge loss to a part of the saw mill. There are nearby some worth visiting islands - Ross, Viper and North Bay are a must-see which are surrounded by shallow water and corals. in every half an hour three ferries take the tourist on a tour of the three islands. Ross island which used to the headquarters of the British during WWII is now just left with the ruins of the bakery, church, opera house, printing press factory, the bunkers and the British commissioner's bungalow which are on display. The next stop Viper island derived its name from the Viper snakes considered one of the most poisonous snakes which can be found here. The convicts were forced to work and were left to die between the snake, the dark shallow water and the wilderness of the dense forest. This island also has gallows where freedom fighters were hanged to death. The third island is the North Bay island, where you can plan to do snorkeling or scuba-diving one can experience variety of corals and the underwater marine life. For those who don't wish to go for scuba diving or snorkeling have and alternative of seeing the coral reefs by going around the island in a glass boat.
One of the magical places to visit in Andaman is the Havelock Island. A 100 sq km. stretch of fascinating and alluring island with vast white sand beaches and tropical sea. Its 38 km from Port Blair and is connected by...

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