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"Heavens Gate" Cult. Essay

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1. What characteristics of the group you have chosen to study reflect those associated with a cult? They all follow the same belief. They have a set of laws that must be followed, or will be punished by dismissal from the group. They are all promised admission into "Level Above Human" or "Kingdom of Heaven" if they do everything correctly. Upon entering the "Level Above Human" they must lay down their Human bodies to receive a more suitable body for the "Kingdom of Heaven". All of these are things that I associate with cults.2.Who is their leader and what kind of message does he/she espouse? The clan's leaders on earth were a duo by the names of Ti (pronounced Tee) and Do (pronounced Doe). Ti being Do's "Older Member/Mentor" In the bigger scheme of things everyone that has already achieved being in the "Level Above Humans" are God's to Humans. Ti and Do were sent here to help "harvest" souls inside human containers for entering the "Level above Human". They taught that earth is a harvesting ground filled with human shells. Some of these shells were tagged with a deposit chip by Level Above Human beings to set aside bodies for a later incarnation then harvest. They taught that there were three categories of humans. 1. Humans without deposits who are simply "plants" containing the mind or program of their genetic information combined with their brains interpretation of the information of their current body's experiences. 2. Those with deposits/souls who are receiving nourishment from the present Rep(s) toward metamorphic completion. 3. Those with deposits/souls who are not in a classroom nor in a direct relationship with the Reps from the Level above Human, having: a) not been confronted with the information and the Rep, or b) been confronted but have chosen not to pursue. Another belief they taught was that in an earlier civilization while during a class (class being the name for the batch of souls being harvested) 1/3 of the class dropped out, and the strongest and thereby leader of the fallen was called "Lucifer". They say that Lucifer and his people now orbit the earth in spacecrafts and they are referred to as Luciferians. They say that Luciferians are devoted to Peace among men and a long healthy life in human condition, and are determined to take the steps to make the inhabitants of the planet subservient to their "ideal" mammalian ethic, which is destructive to the natural evolutionary processes of "laying down" your human body to achieve the Level above Human. Which brings me to "Laying down" your human body. They taught that as you separate yourself further from the humanistic things and mammalian urges that your human brain becomes metaphorically smaller as it increases the size of your Next Level Brain until finally you are ready to pass into the Next Level at that point completely disassociating yourself with your human body requires "laying down" your human shell. This is most often assisted by an Older Member in...

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