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HectorHector thrust his obsidian battle sword into a repulsive barbarian from the north running clean through the beast. Upon removing his sword the beast fell and hector continued to hack his way through the recklessly charging gnomes and demons. Many fell by his sword and the town militia fought valiantly behind him. Soon the last of the dreadful creatures turned and ran leaving the town's people victorious. Of the small fighting force he led few were injured and none had died during the battle, although it lasted some hours. Carse's militia had slaughtered nearly a hundred of the disgusting creatures. The evening quickly grew into night and the warriors decided to make camp for the night and celebrate their victory. They had chased a small group of creatures here and were ambushed. Nevertheless, they had fought through it and earned an overwhelming victory that had dealt a vicious blow to the North landers, hopefully quelling their raiding parties for at least a couple of months. These creatures, though very weak, produced large quantities of offspring making them very difficult to destroy completely. This was Hector's 52nd battle as lieutenant of the militia and he was proud of himself for such a flamboyant victory. Hector was an odd man who had overcome many odds. He was born into the world as Adam Growling, the second son of sir Luke Growling IV the king's overseer of the treasury. Fate dealt him a devious blow, however, for at the age of fifteen he was stripped of his nobility and exiled from Websterland forever. The King's guards had caught his father embezzling a small amount of the king's fortune and Luke Growling IV met an unfortunate end as they publicly tortured and executed him along with his wife. All the family and servants of the Growling household were stripped of rankings and exiled for life. Hector could not bear to leave his country though and entered the military under the name of Hector Collieries claiming to be a recently freed slave. Hector had risen in military rank until he had his choice of where to operate. He chose the small border town of Carse. Here he had taken a wife and had spawned two beautiful daughters. At Carse he lived nicely and had repulsed the evil beings from the North more times than he'd care to count. Hector had become well respected and his past remained hidden behind his false identity. The battle had been over for a few hours. Campfires were lit and the men drank and sang of their victory well into the night. The lieutenant found no reason to restrain the men as the seven mile march back to Carse would be leisurely and unhurried the next day. Hector retired to bed early though and slept peacefully knowing that this news of victory would surely please the king as the evil beings would be too crippled to attack during the rapidly approaching harvesting season. Hector awoke with the sun the next morning and decided to let his men get a couple extra hours of sleep...

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