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Heights Of Crime In Kiev Essay

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Crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law: shoplifting was a serious crime. Ukraine even today continues to undergo significant political, economic, and social transformation. The U.S. Department of State rate the crime threat in Ukraine as High. The crime rate throughout the country is aggravated considerably by widespread government corruption and inadequate law enforcement support. In comparison to other Eastern European cities, the criminal threat in Kyiv does not appear to be significantly different. Some of the few Crime threats like Fraud, The Wallet Scam, Property Crime, Hate Crime, Organized Crime, etc… are found in parts of Kiev. Most of these crimes are caused against foreigners/tourists because they are considered as easy targets which provides ample opportunity for the criminal to commit the crime.
Property Crime would be considered the most prominent crime in this part of the city because the rate for property crimes has been increased over the past year. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the crime statistics indicate a decrease in categories of violent crime but show a major increase in violent crimes such as theft, burglaries, and fraud. Property crimes are categorized into two groups first is non-violent property crime and second is violent property crime. Some of the few non-violent property crimes are vandalism, theft of personal property
from parked vehicles, and residential burglaries, whereas the violent property crimes are not very common in this city but one such case would be an incident which took place during December 2010 where two U.S. Embassy contractors were violently assaulted and mugged after, and it was said that one of the victims were drugged before the assault. More violent crimes, including armed robbery, drugging and robbery of unsuspected victims, and shootings have occurred, but U.S. citizens mainly African-Americans are at a higher risk of racially motivated harassment, and in some cases physical assault from the public as well as the cops. Most of the Property crimes committed, the victims are found to be foreigners/tourists because in the mind of a criminal, a person visiting a country for the first time would be an easy target and thus be considered vulnerable. On the other hand Kidnapping/Abductions is one of the crimes which would occur least in Kiev, it would only be a real risk for people who look like they are worth a lot of money for example people owning multimillion dollar co-operations/businesses, An example would be the kidnapping of a 49 year old British tourist who was forced to call his relatives in UK and demanded for a ransom of 20,000 Euros. Even here the victim was a foreigner/tourist who was not only an easy target for the criminal but also was alone in a new city. Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine and therefore is one of the largest cities, so in comparison to other parts of the country...

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