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Heineken Beer: Sells Fantasy Bar Essay

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Have you ever thought about how many commercials you watch a day that have an impact on you mentally and you aren’t even aware of it? Many commercials use humor to make you remember their product while others may use fear. The point of many advertisements is to make people wish to purchase their product. Companies use fear and humor so that their product and commercials will stay in your brain. In today’s world, going to bars and drinking is a popular thing to do. Many people associate bars with hanging out with a lot of friends and having a good time. The 2011 Heineken’s “The Switch” Commercial persuades the audience to believe that happiness, confidence, and a bright life begins with ...view middle of the document...

In order to keep the viewers attention, the music suddenly stops and the gears that the bartender was previously moving, suddenly gets jammed. After one of the men kick the bar, the gear is unstuck and the music begins back, louder, and livelier than before. The man that was playing the piano at the beginning of the advertisement is now stuck behind the club walls, still holding onto the piano. As it shows this man, the scene goes back to black and white representing a lifeless and boring time. At the end of the commercial, it says “Open Your World.” Heineken’s commercial sells their product as the perfect beer, in a perfect bar.
Jack Solomon, a former professor at Harvard University and a semiotician, studies and analyzes advertisements: “The same approach is taken in ads aimed at older audiences teens, adults, and senior citizens. In the teen-oriented ads we nay catch a fleeting glimpse of a hamburger or two, but what we are really shown is a teenage fantasy: groups of hip and happy Adolescents singing, dancing, and cavorting together.” Most of the actors in this ad are mid twenties to early thirties, but the intended target audience extends to a younger generation all the way to people in their forties or fifties. Although teen drinking is against the law in some countries, Heineken’s commercial still targets to this younger demographic and makes the teens feel as if this is what their life will be like if they start to drink their beer, along with leaving them with the feeling of being a “grown up.” Also, people in their twenties and thirties can relate to this ad because they are tired of the same boring, dull life and by seeing this commercial, they will think that the change starts with Heineken beer. For older people, such as a generation in their forties or fifties, this ad will leave them with the feeling of being young and free again by starting to drink Heineken.
With all of the people in the bar wearing tuxedos and classy dresses, it is easy to indicate that this ad is aimed towards upper-class people because Heineken is a refined and upscale beer. Even though Heineken and Budweiser are around the same prices, they are targeted to two different classes. Most of Heineken’s commercials take place in a sophisticated nightclub while Budweiser advertisement’s targets the working class by showing farms, farmers, and animals like dogs and Clydesdales along with other symbols of commoners. While alcohol products can make one feel somewhat better about them, no kind of alcohol is going to be able to change a hole in the wall bar into an upscale bar in 90 seconds.
“By reading the signs of American advertising, we can conclude that America is a nation of fantasizers, often preferring the sign to the substance and easily enthralled by a veritable Fantasy Island of commercial illusions” (Solomon). As many people watch this commercial, they will begin to plan to try Heineken’s beer or may even begin to dream about their life if they begin to...

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