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Helath Care In Saudi Arabia Essay

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Summarize the region of the world you selected. Include some brief public health information about the region, including the average length of life and the main diseases from which people die. Describe how the health care system/s are organised.
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Saudi Arabia government allocated a main concern for health care. Health services and health systems have remarkably improved in capacity and quality over the last few years. In fact, Saudi Arabia achieved a compatible position, among other nations, on comparing the growth rate on the basis of time and size. The fact of being one of the world’s largest producers of oil, the fastest in developing and emerging, and the richest country in the Middle East, made the revenues contribution available for funding the health care system without creating load on the government (Al-Yousef et al., 2002).

According to the WHO (2000), KSA ranks in the 26th position amongst 191 countries of the developed health systems in the world. The improvement in health services included life style modification and health education between Saudi nationals to obtain further life expectancy (Table 1-1) and better health conditions. The Saudi public health approach focused on supplying maternal and child health care, immunization of children, prevention of endemic diseases, educating the population concerning dominant health problems, and the methods of preventing and controlling common diseases (Al -Mazrou and Salem, 2004).

Saudi health approach helped in reducing the number of patient’s visits and prescriptions, therefore, saving sums of money for the country. Contrarily, Saudi Arabia has a sole position in the Islamic world. Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over the world perform Hajj. Almalki et al. (2011) acknowledged that it is a challenge for the government to accommodate the pilgrims; hence, it requires a systematized collaboration between all ministries to succeed in sustaining health services. Providing free preventive and curative care for all visitors adds-up pressure on the health care budget (Almalki et al., 2011).
While preventive care was delivered by primary health offices, it is provided, to some extent, through maternal and child health care centers. Disease control services include malaria, tuberculosis, schistosomiases, and all the related diseases which managed by government hospitals only for all Saudi and non-Saudi nationals (Almalki et al., 2011). Despite the emergence of these so- called lifestyle diseases and injuries, Al-Yousef et al. (2002) stated that the rapid social and economic development in recent decades has had a visible impact on the health level of the population of Saudi Arabia as increasing life expectancy, changing morbidity patterns, decreasing mortality rates, and improving quality of life.
Al-Yousef et al. (2002) proposed that the ministry of health, headed by the minister of health, is responsible for running the health system in the country. Besides, the...

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