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We have all seen those movie, plays, or books that have that amazing, strong female character right? Aren't those ones always the New York Best Sellers? Ya! It’s because they are always so good and inspiring. Those female characters like Bella and katniss just make these shows so much more interesting to watch. Shakespeare caught this element really well in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream with his two strong female characters. The two female roles are Hermia and Helena which are both cool and I like but When it comes to picking my favorite it would have to be Helena. Last, Helena is my favorite character because she is always determined to accomplish what ever she sets her mind to.
The first reason that stuck out to me and made Helena my favorite character is because she is loyal. Some may say she is not because she broke Hermias trust and told Demetrius of their plan but she also was loyal to Demetrius when she did that. She had to chose one person to be loyal to in that situation and she chose Demetrius even though he didn't love her. I think she did the right thing because she had to show him that she seriously loved him and would do anything for him. Another time that she was loyal to Demetrius was when she rejected Lysander when he proclaimed his undying love for her. For some people it is hard to reject someone they are attracted to even if they completely love someone else and Helena showed that she was unconditionally and completely in love and loyal to Demetrius. It also surprises me how loyal to him she is because she feels so unworthy of him. Helena says, “ Unworthy as I am, to follow you. What worse place can I beg of your love.” act 2, scene I, lines 206-207. This just shows that even though Helena feels completely unworthy of Demetrius she is still completely loyal and in love with him.
The next reason that Helena is my favorite character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream is because she is very brave. Helena is so brave in this play when she decides to follow her love Demetrius into the woods. First of all it’s the woods which are always scary and full of dangerous things and not to mention she is a woman. Second of all, Demetrius tell her straight up that he doesn't love her and that he will do bad things to her if she follows him into the woods. And third of all, he leaves her all...

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