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Igor I. Sikorsky invented, and flew, the first working helicopter in 1939. The helicopter had a great impact on the world back in the early 1940’s and still even today. It has many different uses and is important to the American society. Igor Sikorsky and the invention of the helicopter had an important impact on the way people traveled.
The helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky. Igor Sikorsky was born May 25, 1989 in the Kiev, Russian Empire. Igor’s father’s name was Ivan Alexis Sikorsky and his profession was a psychiatrist. His mother’s name was Zinaida Stepanovna Temryuk-Cherkasova Sikorskaya and she was a physician. Igor married Olga Fyodorovna Simkovitch had one child with her and ...view middle of the document...

The helicopter was believed to be designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1486. It took almost 450 years to build and fly a working helicopter. Igor wanted to invent a helicopter because he always enjoyed aviation. A helicopter flies because they have rotors which take the place of wings on an airplane. A helicopter’s rotors are adjustable so that the pilot can adjust the pitch which in turn will cause the rotors to have lift, thus causing the helicopter to lift off the ground. Many of the helicopters have a collective pitch stick which is what the throttle and the pitch are connected to. Once the pilot pulls back the pitch stick the helicopter will go up. When in the air the helicopter needs to achieve forward thrust. To do that, the helicopter is made so that the main rotor can tilt on its shaft the way the pilot wants to go. There is only one problem; if the shaft is tilted that means the pitch of all the rotors is all messed up. This problem is solved by putting a device called the automatic cyclic pitch stick on the helicopter to help control it. The first helicopter was made up of metal bars to give it shape, there is also and motor and rotors on the main shaft. There is a seat to sit on and the pitch sticks are in front of the seat to control the helicopter. From the middle of the frame a bar comes out which spins the propellers that go on top of that bar. There is also a bar that is formed to curve to the back of the helicopter which a vertical wing is placed for stability. Today’s helicopters have the same principle but are made with lighter materials and have a much more sophisticated design and controlling. Based on that information that proves the helicopter has many different parts.
The helicopter was and still is used very much. It is used as an ambulance, to transport wounded people to hospitals. They were called “aerial ambulances” because they were practically flying ambulances. Helicopters were also used for the military to transport wounded from the battlefield. Thanks to these aerial ambulances the death rate from wounds is the lowest than any other war. By the end of the Korean War military helicopters could hold up to two passengers. But, by the start of the Vietnam War helicopters could hold about forty-five soldiers and one-hundred civilians. The reason for such a big difference in capacity is the...

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