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Hell's Hierarchy Essay

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Hell's hierarchy: Glasses, The conch, and Fire
"Kill the pig, cut her throat, bash her out" A few school boys were shipwrecked in a deserted island. The main goal is to survive but we start to realize that all the boys are on the same page. William Golding places a couple of different symbols in the book. In the boo the symbol change throughout the novel and so do the characters. Glasses, the conch, and the fire are the 3 different symbol I would be talking about and how they change.
The glasses are one of the symbolizes and it relates to piggy and his intelligence and common sense the boys don't care about. "I expect we'll want to know all their names. said the fat boy, 'and make a list, We ought to have a meeting." The glasses symbolizes the intelligence in the island, so in that sense his glasses were illustrates of him seeing things more sharply than the other boys. "He was a chief now in truth, and he made stabbing ...view middle of the document...

"Whoever holds the conch gets to speak." The conch shows the power, the control it has amongst the boys that make them stay together and civilizated. The conch represent the leadership it has within the island It brings the boys together. Rules are only powerful if people agree on them, and that's why Ralph refuses to blow the conch when he knows that things are starting to break down. "The rock struck piggy, a glancing blow from chin to knee: the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist." As the conch is shattered, demolished as so does the respect of the leader and the power within it. Now that the conch has disappeared the savageness toke over the boys. Ralph then loses the role of the leader to jack, because the only reason Ralph was still leader because he held the power which was the conch. The conch displays the destruction within the good of the power within the island.
In the island fire seems to represent rescued and but it starts to encourage war. "His specs- use them as burning fire." Fire indicates that the features of the start of civilization and organization in the island. In the beginning of the story, the evidence the fire is good because it represent the boys trying to be rescued. " You got your small fire all right" Piggy points this out, that fire is the only way to survive in the island. Towards the end of the novel, Jack start a forest fire to kill Ralph which seems o represent the fire now is known as a war zone and also brings savageness. The signal fire changes into a forest fire cause destruction.
As the novel comes to the end, the 3 symbols earlier in the book represent civilization start to turn into savageness, and so does the characters. The glasses when were stolen the sight and intelligence where to. The conch was once so powerful it created leadership and civilization amongst the boys. But when it was broken so was the symbols. The fire known as a signal fire to symbolizes to be rescued but it changes the symbol of fire to a forest fire which is causing warzone. Throughout the novel, Golding associates the instinct of civilization with good and the instinct of savagery with evil.

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