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1BLUMMadison BlumProfessor KinkadeRWS 200September 11, 2013Negotiating DifferencesM. J Hardman incisively stated, "We are constructing our language to glorify war and violence in that way make such violence appear appropriate even acceptable when it appears in reality." In the article "Language and War," she shares her insight about people who use words, sentences, and phrases in everyday situations that make violence and war seem acceptable. The generative metaphors Hardman offers in her article have a negative connotation and portray violence and war; therefore, Hardman re-arranged the phrases as a solution to the negative language of violence and war. Hardman argues, "generative metaphors are a basic structure of ordinary language use." This statement is a foundation for her article because she explains how war analogies and metaphors we use each day should be altered in order to create peace and harmony in our world. Martha Kinkade a professor, at San Diego State composed a book called, Winter's Light, that expressed much sorrow, violence, and hurt that have happened and still happen in the world. Though this is indicative of her personal life and her community in Wyoming, it is universal nature to experience the feeling of love, hurt, anguish, and sorrow. Three poems I am going to talk about that characterize violence are, "1/2 Pennies," "Frozen at Ground Zero," and "Pitchforks, Shovels, and Hammers." The context and the examples given in each poem reinforce the emotional truth behind anguish and sorrow that people experience day to day and why violent and harsh language are vital in some situations. Therefore, Kinkade's poems complicate Hardman's argument that generative metaphors promote violence by the violent language in the poems, which is used to express a genuine feeling of suffering, sorrow, and distress.The language used to uncover unhappiness, hurt, and anguish people experience on a day-to-day basis may not always be a direct reference to war and violence. Hardman argues, "we metaphorize the non-violent as war, as the following example, we wage war on cancer/war on drugs," and that may not always stand true. Violence provides a sense of relief to the human aguish or sorrow. When reading "½ Pennies" I connected to the situation through a personal experience. For instance, in "1/2 Pennies," Kinkade's grandfather passed away; he was a loved and adored man, just like my grandpa. My grandpa was battling lung cancer and the doctors and nurses decided to use a choice of diction that included words like: conquering, battling, and aggressively to reinforce the importance of healing my grandpa. My grandpa found through the metaphors of "attacking" and "aggressively fighting off the cancer" as inspirational. The metaphor "conquering cancer" can have a positive outcome even though the word may be initially referred to as a violent word. In addition, on line 11 and 12 in "1/2 Pennies" it states, "He'd comfort them / till' death" (Pg....

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